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Superterence - on 09 Nov 2017
Hello All,

I am planning a club trip to Spain. We will fly to Malaga. Planning to do it all. Wanting to prepare an itinary that can travel 1hr in any direction from Malaga or a base that is recommended.

I need to plan;
Trad routes .
Via ferrata.
Sport routes.
Long hike with scramble.

Ages range from 8-50 - all strong and able and families.
Levels ranging from never being climbing outdoors to many multi pitch trads routes under my belt.

Any advice, suggestions, help and experiences very gladly welcomed.

Thanks you all in advance,


dominic o - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to Superterence:

The area around Malaga and further into Andalusia certainly has a lot to offer, and ticks all those boxes - your only challenge might be to find an appropriate base with everything within an hour. Malaga itself is within an hour of a bunch of nice places, but not very near any of them - you would be committed to a daily two hours of commuting.

El Chorro (or nearby Alora) would be the obvious choice for a mountain base. The only challenge might be to find accommodation to fit a large group. For the last 10 years or so I've organised an annual SunRock Meet for The Rucksack Club and we had a great week in El Chorro about 4 years ago with about 25 of us staying at Finca Rocabella

More recently we had a month's road trip through Andalusia and stopped for a while at the Olive Branch, which would be another option for a large group. Check out for beta on crags in the region and for El Chorro specifically.

Have a great trip!
Superterence - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to dominic o:

Thanks dominic o.

Martyn Nicholson on 16 Nov 2017
In reply to Superterence:

I suggest basing yourself near Ronda.
all those activities are within 30 minutes drive of there.
Several via ferratas nearby, lots of sports routes ( David Munilla Cadiz guidebook best)
several mountain ranges with hike.
Trad routes at Penon Grande , Grazalema.
best season is early may through mid June or mid September through end October. That said you can great weather through autumn and winter but more chance of a wet spell

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