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Elsier on 12 Oct 2013
I'm heading to Tafraoute in November staying at Kasbah Tizourgane. I've got the OAC Moroccan Anti Atlas North guidebook from 2010. I'm trying to work out whether it's worth forking out for the new guidebook, or whether I should just buy the 2011 update? Does anyone have both, are there a lot of new routes on the North side in the new guidebook?
Jamie Wakeham - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to Elsier: I wouldn't bother with either the 2011 OAC update or with Morocco Rock - both have been superseded by the new OAC 2013 'Tafraout' guide. Morocco Rock still only covers the North side, with ~1000 routes (compared to the 650 plus 150 you'd get from Anti-Atlas North plus its supplement). In fact, I see that Morocco Rock is being sold off cheaply now it's become obsolete.

The 2013 Tafraout guide has 2000 routes and covers the North and South sides, as well as the granite, so it does the whole area in one. Of these, about 1200 are North side routes - so it's a significant increase on the predecessors even if you only want this side.

A good overview of all the guidebooks currently available is here:
pete johnson - on 12 Oct 2013
The Morocco Rock guidebook is excellent - good enough to be listed for the Banff prize for mountain literature. If you buy the guide you are also entitled to a regularly updated supplement free of charge. See - they also have a facebook page. This guide provides comprehensive coverage of the north side of the Anti Atlas.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.