/ Nepal/India Trip Approx Sept 17-March 18

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So the time has finally come. Im heading to Nepal in mid-late September with the hope of travelling into India.
I am going alone, I will most likely be teaching English at some point with a charity (I have a PGCE and teaching experience) otherwise I have no absolute fixed plan. Obviously I will be doing some relatively simple trekking and doing all the cliched crap at the cheapest available price.
Im likely to be away for around 6 months and would like to head to India around half way through although this again is flexible.

So my main question is, is anyone heading out to ether location at a similar time? What tips do people have for places to visit (any climbing tips would be great!), places to stay, and anything else really! Hoping to meet as many people as possible, and ultimately travel onwards with people I meet if poss!
tjekel - on 23 Jun 2017
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my india years are a while back. Getting into india mid-trip, you make the best of the cool season in a hot county.

Dont know if climbing is worth it if you are on your own, there's some minor cragging around most big cities (delhi, mumbai). Some very special places to climb are badami and the granite domes between bangalore and mysore.

... and for bouldering don't look beyond hampi, although it probably has lost some atmosphere due to moving the traditional village around the ancient market.

See here for example.
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CurlyStevo - on 23 Jun 2017
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Yeah if you like bouldering Hampi is good and its a must visit anyway really for the ruined temples / UNESCO World Heritage Site If you are close Gokarna Om beach can make for some nice relaxing times.

I also really enjoyed Madurai (not for climbing) although it was also quite hardcore. Its a crazy mix of ancient and new and quite an eye opener inside as well as outside the temples . Some of the temples out of town let inside for worship, which on Christmas day 2015 was certainly one of the stranger Christmas's I've had!
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