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silhouette - on 14 Jun 2018

We are going to Teverga area which is south of the city of Oviedo, Asturias. Does anyone know of any camping (at a site or wild) near the village of Entrago, or on the road between there and Oviedo, or in the side valley towards Quiros? I realise there's a Refugio at Quiros. Do they have camping? Thanks.

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Big van scene in the car park at Entrago and it's Spain, so everyone has a dog. Brewing up in the morning at the picnic tables it was almost comical if it wasn't so disgusting... dog after dog would be let out of their owner's van to come and relieve themselves on the grass next to you. Dog sh*t everywhere.

We spent one night then left and went to Cuevas, which was quiet.

Not sure if there's a campsite nearby but I'd recommend finding one!

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heleno - on 14 Jun 2018
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We liked the van scene at Entrago, and didn't notice the dog problem that Tom mentions (perhaps because we were in a van, not a tent).  There are toilets, water and a shower, and a large grass area for tents.  Teverga is a great climbing area, and you can walk to the crags from Entrago, so I would recommend at least giving it a try.

I don't remember seeing any camping in Quiros - the refugio is right in the middle of the village.  The climbing there is also good, but a bit more old-school.  We parked up overnight in a large car park just before the turn into Quiros.

dominic o - on 15 Jun 2018
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Another +1 vote for van life at Entrago (and the whole Teverga scene). Here's a blog post with a picture of the camping / parking area and some local beta

... and a couple more with other nearby options


silhouette - on 15 Jun 2018
In reply to dominic o: Thanks all so far. I had read about the van camping at Entrago. We won't have a van however. I had also read about the rifugio at Quiros. I am interested to hear about the car park at Quiros and if vanning is tolerated hopefully tenting will be too, dog shite notwithstanding. One more obscure question; anyone know if one-way bike hire is available for La Sendra del Oso?


fatboyslimfast - on 15 Jun 2018
In reply to silhouette:

Loads of bike companies in the valley do trailer to top and then you can obvs cycle down 

pete johnson - on 16 Jun 2018
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No camping in Quiros area. The refuge is very pleasant and in a beautiful situation. The guàrdian is an active climber, a really nice guy and will advise on the merits of various climbing sectors. After one night in our van at Teverga we gave up and returned to the refuge. 

Murfle on 16 Jun 2018
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Another vote for Quiros Refugio. 

Village carpark is small, not really suitable for "vanning", given that there's only a couple of spaces. Also not sure if I'd be keen for pitching up in the hills with the mastinos that roam about... 

silhouette - on 19 Jun 2018
In reply to Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe:

I think we'll go for the Entrago car park grass option and put up with the dog shite for four nights.

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