/ Rio de Janeiro. Guide (as in people not a book)

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aostaman - on 14:18 Wed

I will arrive in the next few days. Has anyone used a guide they would recommend . I have all my own sport gear but time will be a bit short.

Also any great routes. Grades about 6a. I am a bit short on fitness.

neilstevenson - on 23:40 Wed
In reply to aostaman:

I climbed with a few guides from they were all good. 

Voie des Italiens on the Sugar Loaf is very good fun; slabby 6a.

K2 on Corcovado is nice too and a bit easier.

If you have a bit more time the Dedo de Deus is well worth a visit.




alias on 15:10 Thu
In reply to aostaman:

hey, my name is sue and my partner is a climbing guide in Rio and a great climber .. we can take you anywhere you like . my wassup number is +447527172732 or +5521965044069 

rpc on 18:45 Thu

Have not been to Brazil but have been researching the climbing there for a while (which obviously makes me an expert...).  These guys publish some nice guidebooks (incl. a classics climbs of Brazil-type one) and advertise guiding services:

Would be curious to hear who you end up going with.

aostaman - on 01:32 Fri
In reply to rpc:


I will send you a mail thru ukc.

I will climb for 2/3 days after Saturday and I will send photos if that helps .

If you don't hear remind me .I have a lot going on at the moment. 


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