/ Southern sandstone guide?

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AJM 28 Nov 2019

Thoughts on the best one? Planning to be in the area for a few days in the spring.


- I’ve got the old CC guide (not the current one, the 95 Vetterlein one). I’ve done a bit of climbing with it before and am a bit familiar with some of the crags already so to some extent I could just use that for the routes, with the RAD to update on access info.

- the big gap really is bouldering. Updates on routes useful, obviously, but this is the biggest gap.

- obvious options look like the Rockfax, or the specific bouldering guide, or the bouldering guide and the newer CC guide (with my CC membership, this combo looks to be about the same as a new Rockfax). Or Jingo Wobbly.

- the loss of a lot of the routes in the guidebooks (lack of High Rocks) makes me wonder a bit about the value of some of the existing guidebooks. Without that, I’m likely really to do Bowles, Harrisons, and maybe passing visits to one of the minor ones, or something.

- easy bouldering useful as well as decent descriptions for quality harder (7A-B) stuff

thoughts welcome.......

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beefy_legacy 28 Nov 2019
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I have used rockfax/ jingo and ss bouldering for bits of bouldering on the sandstone. If I were you I would get the most up to date one as so much stuff falls off /degrades. If you are only about for a few weeks you might pay £4 for a rockfax app subscription for a month then cancel it. I would also check out Tom Gore’s YouTube channel, he used to put videos of new problems up (think he’s injured now). Nit sure they’re all in the guides yet.

daimon Global Crag Moderator08 Dec 2019
In reply to AJM:

Everything and more is certainly on the New Rockfax guide including expanded venue information, like Toad Rocks and Happy Valley.


If you're looking for the latest ascents which are not in there then a full list can be found here.


The Bordering guide is out of print now, but copies are still around. perhaps the main difference in the SSB guide is the sit starts to some existing climbs.


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