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Jimtighe - on 11 Nov 2017
I'm considering going to the Alps for a few months mainly kayaking but will be aiming to get some climbing done. Has anyone stayed out there for a longer period of time and how much did it cost you? I'm thinking of moving around to wherever the water/friends are at the time so possibly Austria, Italy and France. Whats the deal with car insurance for longer term stays in Europe?
philipivan - on 11 Nov 2017
In reply to Jimtighe:

Insurance shouldn't be a major problem call your company and ask. Most people I know that have done this have camped or taken vans but rental properties can be cheap in some areas especially Slovenia. Normal route would be Italy/ Switzerland, France, Austria. If you are starting earlier say in April you could consider going to Greece or Corsica first. Slovenia is a great warm up destination depending on the level you're paddling at. Some go down to Pyrenees/ Galicia also. You could probably manage on less than 20 euros a day after budgeting for travel down there fixing your car and any kit loss! Have fun.
Jimtighe - on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to philipivan:

Thanks alot mate, Yea I've been down a few times now. I was considering heading down to Biarritz to work at a surf camp again for a little bit until we get some proper snow melt at the end of April. What's the paddling like in Slovenia? I've seen a little bit of it but not too much. Corsica also looks pretty good but we'll see what happens regarding water.
Ciro - on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to Jimtighe:

Longer trip insurance can be expensive - a lot of "365 days a year european cover" policies actually restrict you to 90 days in any one trip.

However all policies sold in the EU must provide third party cover for the whole EU, so you're legally covered anyway if you don't mind the loss of comprehensive insurance.

The only caveat is that the legislation states you must be covered for the whole of the EU if you are correctly insured in your "country of residence", which I *think* means you need to pop back to the UK once every six months (in person, not neccesarily with your vehicle) to maintain your residency status.

Sadly for the van-dwelling climber, this may not last for much longer
Jimtighe - on 13 Nov 2017
In reply to Ciro:

Thanks for that, bit of an issue there... I work abroad and I was away for 8 months up until July. And I head away again until April in a few weeks. May have to consider another plan haha....

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