Stubai or Alderweg (4 days of walking)

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 bjoe 24 May 2024

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a 5-day trip to Tyrol in July (4 days walking). I'm trying to decide between the Stubai High Trail and the Adlerweg. I know I won't be able to complete either trail in full, so I'm looking for advice on which one might be more enjoyable and accommodating for a partial hike.

Any recommendations on which trail would be nicer for a shorter hike, and any specific sections that you would suggest?


 CantClimbTom 24 May 2024
In reply to bjoe:

The ones that fit your feet the best

 cragtyke 24 May 2024
In reply to bjoe:

I presume you've already seen this, I'm afraid I can't advise one way or the other, as I've only done bits and pieces in the area. If you're an AAC member you may get better advice on their Facebook group.

 65 24 May 2024
In reply to bjoe:

Decide quickly and book the huts ASAP. We planned to do the Stubai Hohenweg last July and had to settle for two-three day walks returning to a base in the valley because the huts were all full. It gets really busy in July. 

 McHeath 25 May 2024
In reply to bjoe:

With only 4 days of walking out of a total of nearly 40 stages, I´d personally go for one of the less frequented ranges on the Adlerweg (not Alderweg; Adler means "Eagle", the trail´s called that because it describes a shape similar to a soaring eagle). The Lechtal for instance is beautiful and rugged; the Karwendel also so but will see more traffic. The Stubai Höhenweg will probably be packed, both the trail and the huts, as will the sections of the Adlerweg in the Großvenediger/Großglockner groups.

This site is in German, but you can click on the pics and get a breakdown of the stages in each area of the Adlerweg with height differences, huts etc.

All depends on what you prefer; on the Stubai trail you´ll be among higher (snowy) mountains with plenty of company, but also further from civilisation so longer approach and descent. On most of the Adlerweg the mountains are rocky and very rugged but no less beautiful, and you´ll have more peace.

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