Swanage & Portland Campsite

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 GaryK 17 Jul 2021

Can I please have some suggestions for a basic, (ie cheap), campsite in this area? We're heading down next week and haven't camped in the area and so would appreciate some suggestions based on experience.

Thanks in advance.

 mbrookes 17 Jul 2021
 kirsten 18 Jul 2021
In reply to Paul Hy:

Swanage: Quarr camping £12 a night and 20p for showers.  There's a 1mile footpath through woods and fields to the pub at Langton and a little bit further to Dancing Ledge. 

In reply to GaryK:

Me and the Misses recently stayed in Littlesea campsite (£16 per person per night) which is just up on the mainland and we had a lovely stay. We could park the car right next to the tent so our drive onto Portland each morning was easy. 

We chose it because it had hot showers and proper toilets which none of the campsites on Portland seemed able to offer.

It also has a Papa John's, a Fish n Chip shop on site and a reasonably priced convenience store but it's also quiet enough over in the tent area that you can keep yourself to yourself and cook on the camp stove and watch the birds flying around the Fleet which is what we did. 

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 scope 18 Jul 2021
In reply to GaryK:

There arent any properly cheap (£5 a night) sites. Expect to get fleeced.

In reply to GaryK:

Hi, Jerry is a friendly guy with a field on Portland. I.have used him several times. He was sorting toilets and showers last time I spoke to him. His number is 07879 894688

  He was charging £10 per night , so worth a call. 

In reply to GaryK:

Just spoke to Jerry, it's £10 per unit per night and there are flushing male and female toilets on site. No showers as yet. 

Hope that helps. 

Cheers, Gwain.  

 CurlyStevo 18 Jul 2021
In reply to GaryK:

toms field is the standard answer

 kirsten 18 Jul 2021
In reply to CurlyStevo: but weekends until oct have been booked up for months, and no doubt weekdays now schools are breaking up. Acton field is a similar story. 

In reply to GaryK:

Steeple Lease Farm is one of my favourites in the area. Basic campsite. Small campfires allowed. 
Steeple Lease Farm
01929 480733

In reply to GaryK:

Can't remember what it is called, but I have used the farm one not far from the Smugglers pub in Wyke Regis a few times and it was decent enough.  Though as others have said you won't find cheap in the same way as the Gwern Gofs on the A5, say.

Edit: Martleaves Farm, I believe.

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 GrahamD 19 Jul 2021
In reply to Neil Williams:

£12 per one man tent.  Lovely site.

 Durbs 19 Jul 2021
In reply to mbrookes:

I'm intrigued by the downvotes?

 mbrookes 21:04 Fri
In reply to Durbs:

Me too. I guess £20 isn't considered cheap, especially given the lack of facilities. Nice spot though.

 mbrookes 21:50 Fri

(*Lack of shower facilities) However that for two people (£10pp/night)...

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In reply to GaryK:

California Campsite, right above Swanage crag so can walk down to the routes - very basic, think used to be £5 a night a few years ago but might be more now.  

California Cottage California Cottage, Swanage BH19 2RS
01929 425049

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