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yorkshiresherpa - on 01 Mar 2014
Hi folks,

Me and a mate are off to Tafraoute in April for two weeks and were planning on hiring a car but due to the possibility of my mate losing his licence before we go, we've had to scrap this idea. We have arranged transport from Agadir to Tafraoute so that's not a problem.

I just wanted to know how easy it is to arrange transport in the town to some of the more distant crags in the valley. If not is hiring bikes a feasible option? Or is there enough climbing within walking/cycling distance to keep us happy for a fortnight like it looks in the guidebook? (We're happy to walk considerable distance if its worth it). We're mostly looking at single pitch, easy multipitch and some bouldering (we're taking a pad as well as our racks just in case).


Martin not maisie on 01 Mar 2014
In reply to yorkshiresherpa:

You'll do OK. Walking to the quartzite crags is a non-starter, although bikes would be more or less possible. But you'll come across plenty of visiting climbers for lifts (probably best to check at the Amandiers).

There's also plenty to go at on the local granite, provided you've got Steve Broadbent's guide. There's heaps of sub-E1 new routing to be done and some bouldering.

Not an issue, I promise you. If it's a taxi you're taking from Agadir, get them to stop off at a supermarket before leaving town. Beer is in short supply up in the hills.

john ryden - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to maisie:

Dead easy, we used Taxi 2000, or was it taxi 1000, to shuttle us around, I'm sure wherever you're staying will sort you out. Goodish mobile coverage for the pickup call too.

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