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Lord_ash2000 - on 07 Nov 2018

I'm heading to Tenerife this December but I can't find anywhere that sells the guide, not even any old ones on Ebay. It seems like you can probably get it from the Roxtar shop on the island but I really want to have a good look through and plan our trip a bit beforehand. 

Does anyone either know where I can buy one in the UK or have one for sale?



Adam Lincoln - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to Lord_ash2000:

You can defo get it in the shop as they reprinted it last year havng run out for years. We went last year for a month and are doing the same this year.

petegunn on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to Lord_ash2000:

We picked one up in the shop in Arico for 20 euros, very welcoming staff and they told us all about the new areas and gave us a topo of two of the new crags nearby.

They did also say that there will be another guide out soon as they are so busy developing new areas, but plenty to go at with the old one.

There is a German one available online but it is a straight copy of the Escalada Deportiva guide so i didn't get it.

There is also some good bouldering in the Arico area and up on the mountain. You can hire pads for 11 euros a day and only 4 euros etc if you want to add an extra day.

I popped in before we left to buy a couple of their t-shirts which helps towards buying the bolts and they were very much appreciative of this.

Have a good trip.

Oh and Don't use the inside lane on the roundabouts!




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Lord_ash2000 - on 06 Dec 2018
In reply to petegunn:

Cheers guys,

Heading off on this weekend, so will pick up a guide asap from the climbing shop. 
May well get some bouldering in as well if pad hire is that easy. I'll see how it goes, and if I haven't destroyed myself cycling. 


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