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jogwen - on 12 Sep 2017
We're looking for crags in the UK to cover a range of skill levels where it might be practical to take a 2 year old (she's too young to climb yet, but we want to go climbing with friends and take turns looking after her at the base of the crag).

Things to consider:

* Fairly flat, even ground at or near base of crag
* Not too long a walk-in. Doesn't need to be a buggy friendly walk-in though - we have toddler backpack.
* Enough suitable climbing for a weekend
* Ideal, but not essential: single-pitch trad or even better sport climbing (so Mum and Dad aren't committed to the rock for too long at a time).

We've just been to The Cuttings, Portland which was absolutely spot on and both she and we had a brilliant time :D

Many thanks in advance for your recommendations!
Heike - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to jogwen:
I think a lot depends on how determined you are and how much you are willing to carry. We have taken our wee man (not so wee now - 8) to a lot of places over the years from the start - I think the first trip was a few weeks old. Most Peak crags are suitable, Stanage, Lawrencehill, etc and in the Lakes there a hundreds of single pitch crags suitable. Same for Scotland, as long as you have somebody supervising the child whilst you are climbing, you can almost go anywhere weather permitting including mountain crags. A lot of the Scottish crags are very suitable as they are not busy and often have water/ streams/ bog etc to play in. ) Another tip wellies!

I can recommend a pop up sun/windshelter tent from Quechua (which we were given as a birth present) and has come with us everywhere and is still in use today - we can all shelter there if it rains.... It's invaluable. They still sell it in Decathlon for about 17 pounds or so).
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pasbury on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to jogwen:

For bouldering the burbage Valley or cratcliffe top boulders are perfect.

Threecliffs in the Gower should fit the bill too.
TMM on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to jogwen:

Have a look at SE Dartmoor.
Hound Tor is ideal as is the area around Bonehill, Saddle Tor and Hay Tor. Easy access, easy to bail to the car, lots of accommodation options.
Single pitch sport and bouldering is the theme.
My girls love exploring the boulders and setting themselves challenges. They started clambering about at 2 and love playing there now at 3 and 5.

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