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pavuk on 11 Jun 2017

My 11 year old is getting into rock climbing and enjoying her NICAS course at the local climbing centre. For this year's Dad-and-daughter weekend we're planning to go camping somewhere with crags where we can do some top-roping, with stakes at the top for easy belay setup. Does anyone know if any of the crags in Cheddar Gorge have stakes?

I also read that there's an access agreement that prevents climbing in the area from 1st July. We're planning our trip in June so I hope that means there are no applicable restrictions while we're there.

Also, we're ideally looking for some easier climbs (4a-c or early 5's). Any recommendations?
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petegunn on 11 Jun 2017
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I dont think you will find anything suitable in the gorge but there are quite a few smaller cliffs and quarries nearby that might suit.

There are some stakes and abseil stations in Fairy Cave Quarry, where with a spare rope/slings and krabs you would be able to set up a top rope.
Fairy Cave Quarry

Also there might be a few places in Burrington Combe as I've seen outdoor groups using this for climbing and abseiling
pavuk on 13 Jun 2017
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Thanks for the tips, that's really helpful
Kevster - on 13 Jun 2017
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Some trad venues may suit you better though, if you can set up belays ok.
Sport tends to be limestone where the tops aren't great due to loose rock, quarry cornices and lack of solid rock for the belay. I can think of a few places on portland or the north wales slate where you can lean over the top to get the belay bolts. But still think trad venues will offer a greater diversity of routes with less potential for a slip.
have you been to southern sandstone? If you want a top rope venue?
guy xavier percival - on 14 Jun 2017
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I have an 11 year old daughter who is getting into climbing and Cheddar isn't a good top roping venue. There aren't that many easy routes and setting up top ropes will be tricky. If you want a crag with loads of nice camping and lots of easyish top-ropable routes then Symonds Yat is a good option.

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