/ Trad climbing coaching in Europe with decent weather

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BusyLizzie on 15 Aug 2017
This is a wild thought and nothing may come of it but ...
1. Several of my climbing days have been rained off this year.
2. I would really like to consolidate my very basic leading ability - done P-y-B weekends but i need mileage and am not getting it (see 1 above). A week would be good.
3. I may be able to arrange some extra leave next year.
4. I see my friends jetting off for hot rock. It seems to be mostly sport climbing but a quick Google indicates that trad climbing coaching can also be found.

So could anyone recommend a trad climbing coaching person or organisation in a warm place in Europe. I'm thinking next spring or early summer, somewhere it really isn't going to rain. Especially welcome would be a recommendation for someone who would be Very Patient with a clumsy old girl who learns rather slowly.

As I say this is just at the musing stage - inspired partly by the rain in the Lake District on a family holiday (not climbing) this week.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.
Mark Eddy - on 15 Aug 2017
In reply to BusyLizzie:

Yes it's been a bit of a damp week in the Lakes, again!
I'm sending you an email now with some ideas.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.