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mariopulquerio - on 09 Jan 2018
I will be in Cape Town in June this year for work and will take the opportunity to climb there and in the surrounding areas. As it will be winter over there I wonder if there are good conditions to do some multi-pitch trad, maybe in Table Mountain or Cederberg? What I have read is that temperatures are quite low and there is always the chance of rain.

Does any of you know if it is possible to climb trad during winter (and where) or should I only pack some quick-draws and go sport climb?

Thanks for you help.
Trangia on 09 Jan 2018
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It is the rainy season, so it could rain! But if not then you should be able to climb.
Elsier on 09 Jan 2018
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I'm hopefully planning a trip next year and its worth mentioning that the main trad areas in the Cederberg (Wolfberg and Tafelberg) are currently closed due to a bush fire and I think unlikely to reopen in the foreseeable future.

Also definitely recommend posting on for any info you need, had lots of useful advice from there.
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Rigid Raider - on 09 Jan 2018
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Cape Town is a great city but it really gets some weather in winter. It sticks out into the South Atlantic and there's not much to stop the weather systems.
taddersandbadger - on 09 Jan 2018
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Had to check the date stamps on the photos, (my memory is rubbish!) but my most recent trip home which included TM trad, sport climbing at Silvermine and even a day of granite dome fun in the same week was at the end of June 2017
mariopulquerio - on 10 Jan 2018
Thanks a lot for your replies. They help planning what to do in Cape Town. I guess a need a bit of luck with the rain but it should be possible to do some trad in Table Mountain.

Quite sad to read that areas at Cederberg are closed due to bush fire!!! I will keep an eye on to check for update on this.

rpc on 10 Jan 2018
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Came back last week from a 2 week climbing trip to the Western Cape. Was blown away by how much big rock there is (my prior knowledge was limited to the handful of places featured in guidebooks)…500 meter walls with 15-20 pitch trad lines (not to mention some real, alpine-ish approaches). LOTS of virgin walls too. Main issue is that most of route info is published in MCSA journals which are not available in electronic form as far as I know. Also, long trad lines don’t seem to be in vogue there now. Doesn’t help with your winter climbing question but you might want to let your fingers do a bit of walking ahead of time - may open up the horizons.
daveches - on 10 Jan 2018
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Yes is the answer.
Climb on sunny faces.
As long as it not raining.
Cold fronts come through then you get a period of dry weather.
Lower buttresses on Table Mountain.
Lion's Head sandstone and granite.
Hellfire crag in Du Toits l, about an hour out of Cape Town, can be dry if Table Mountain is wet and the cold front hasn't gone too far in land.
If all else fails go walking or sports climbing.
I don't have many weeks when I don't get out.
Cape Town
Dave Garnett - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to daveches:

> Yes is the answer.


Absolutely.  Some of my best days were at Paarl or Hellfire during the winter.  Often less windy than in the summer too.  

A bad winter in the Cape is still better than a good summer in most parts of the UK!



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