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derryclimbs - on 08 May 2013
I recently went over to Spain with LyingAir (aka Ryanair) and had packed all my climbing gear in my hand luggage, with the missus bringing everything else we needed. Trying to do this on the cheap so avoiding check-in baggage was a must. Read up on the terms and conditions and there was nothing about ropes or slings being prohibited. The closest thing was a cam perhaps being labelled a blunt object.
So, turn up to the gates, security basically says "ummm, whats all that you've got in there" to which I explain we are off on a climbing holiday. Long story short; turns out I'm a flight risk because I can potentially tie all the cabin crew up. Ensue heated arguement and with the departure time looming I begrudgingly concede to pay the £60 to check the bag in or risk missing the flight altogether. Debit another £40 to post it back cause those buggers arent getting another penny and I'm down 100 squid.
On return I check the t&c's and low and behold, nothing about ropes again. I have been persuing a refund from the said airline but its a brickwall of no refunds policy so far.

So my question; Was I stupid thinking I could get a rope through security in the first place or do I have a case worth pursuing?

I'm sure there are plenty of other instances of people getting stung too, has anyone ever got their money back?
Jamie B - on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs:

Not stupid, but it is risky. It's actually airport security and not the airlines who make the call, and their protocols are clearly not consistent as I've had different reactions even at the same airport. In fairness you cannot expect them to have a written policy on every single type of item in the world!

Bottom line, ropes or hardware in your hand-luggage, you takes your chances.
ianstevens - on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: In a word, yes and no.

It's their plane, they can decide what you take on it. I've always found phoning up before and asking (get a name) to be prudent.

Also, there are loads of posts on here about not taking ropes in hand luggage.

Sorry you got stung though!
purplemonkeyelephant - on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs:

If it isn't on a list of prohibited items then there is no way they can do that. Unless rope has recently been classed as a weapon?
needvert on 08 May 2013 -
In reply to derryclimbs:

I'd pursue it....Even if the airline has a no refund policy there may be consumer protection organizations that can make a ruling.

Plus, it's just stupid. If you wanted to tie up all the cabin crew, you presumably have some leverage of some sort - one could just use shoe laces of other passengers.
GridNorth - on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: You should have checked on here beforehand. There are endless debates about what you can and cannot carry on board as hand luggage. I'm just not prepared to take the risk having seen different standards applied at adjacent gates on the same flight. One rope was confiscated the other was allowed on board.
John W - on 08 May 2013
In reply to ianstevens:
> (In reply to derryclimbs) In a word, yes and no.

>I've always found phoning up before and asking (get a name) to be prudent.

It makes bugger all difference. I had a letter from Easyjet agreeing that I could take my travel guitar as cabin baggage (no other luggage with me) - fine going out from Manchester, but despite having the letter in my hand at Barcelona, would the Easyjet bitch let me take it as cabin baggage on the return flight? Would she f*ckers like! She also refused my (very)polite request to speak to her supervisor (or anybody else for that matter). How I enjoyed forking out another £40. Tw*t!
derryclimbs - on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs:

Yeah, granted it was a bit stupid, and its people like me that let Ryanair charge so little as they make their money otherways.
However, there surely should be some sort of agreement between airlines and security. I mean, a high heel shoe or a hardback book could also be deemed a security risk. It was pretty obvious we were climbers. and cheap dirtbag climbers at that!

Wish I had read the forums on here first! even worse, I'm pretty sure I would have got the rope through on the return journey, but didn't want to risk it, thus posted it home.
neilwiltshire on 08 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: I have flown with a rope in hand luggage before without being questioned. Not sure how my post is helpful but hey, thought I'd mention it (Gatwick to Norway - not Ryan air).
Mountain Llama on 09 May 2013
In reply to derryclimbs: I do not think u did enough research regarding the risk. Why did u not swap your luggage round, ie climbing stuff in hold? The security staff are not employed by the airline but by the airport, so ensure your letters etc end up with the right company you are seeking address from.

Sorry you had a poor start to your holiday.

Good luck Dave

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