UAE Climbing

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 JonLongshanks 08 Sep 2021

Hi all,

Shortly leaving on a work trip to the UAE for 6 weeks - would be great to get some climbing done while I'm there - is it worth me packing my shoes? Are there any cool places to explore?

Any locals on here who fancy a day out? I'll be staying in Fujairah.

Hope to hear from someone!


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Plenty of climbing in UAE and Oman.I think there is a Facebook page rock climbing UAE may be worth joining.

There are climbing walls there also.

 thegrowler1981 09 Sep 2021
In reply to JonLongshanks:

Hi Jon

As Mical said, there's plenty of climbing here. Its mainly sport due to the quality of the rock, you will be in the right end of the country to experience it as well. I'm in Abu Dhabi and there's nothing here apart from an indoor wall. Best bet is to stick a post on this page and see if anyone is up for showing you Stardust: Real UAE Rock Climbers on Facebook.

This is the crag:

There's Rock Republic and MTN Extreme indoor walls in Dubai. Plus you can hike in SkiDubai if you want some cold weather (mornings).

Also plenty of hikes, scrambles and DWS along the coast.

Be aware its still super hot so hydration etc is a must. Bring a camelback or something for walks in and be prepared for early starts.


 JonLongshanks 10 Sep 2021
In reply to thegrowler1981:

Great, thanks for all the info and the link. Will join the facebook group - sounds like a good bet.



 thegrowler1981 13 Sep 2021
In reply to JonLongshanks:

😊 enjoy

 jcw 13 Sep 2021
In reply to thegrowler1981:

Actually it's more amusing to bring a camel than a camelback. When I worked in Abu Dhabi before oil the journey was seven days by camel for the locals bringing in firewood from the Buraimi oasis (Al-'Ayn) and water came in by dhow from Dubai. Sorry, totally irrelevant. Just reminiscing

 thegrowler1981 14 Sep 2021
In reply to jcw:

Yes the change in the last 50 years has been dramatic to say the least! I work with some older local gentlemen and where they have come from, to what they have now is otherworldly. 

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