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martinrlyons 06 Oct 2019


I’m going to be spending around 2 - 3 years in Uzbekistan (based out of Tashkent) and would like to get to know the climbing scene and venues before I go. 

If anyone has any experience of climbing there or advice on where to climb and / or climbing contacts that have been there / still climb there, I’d be grateful to hear from you. 



67hours 06 Oct 2019
In reply to martinrlyons:

I don't have very much to share, but I don't know how many responses you'll get so maybe this is of interest!...

I had my honeymoon there one year ago, so whilst it was primarily a cultural exploration, we did spend a little time in the mountains near Chimgan. We used a local contact who was Uzbek/Tajik, but spent most of the time telling us how much he preferred Tajikistan to Uzbekistan. We did a small bit of single pitch top roping on an off day and then a couple of attempts to climb Big Chimgan.

I won't give you my main contact as I would not recommend him at all. However, through him we spent time with a couple of local climbers including one incredibly strong and fit fell runner, and a lovely lady who we hiked with for a few days. PM me and I can share their details.

Few photos here if you are curious: https://photos.67hours.co.uk/uzbekistan (white line topos painted on the rocks were particularly amusing).


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