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RickGrundy - on 28 Apr 2013
Looking for any recommendations on campsites for a trip to Verdon at the end of May. Cheaper and more basic the better really- we try to avoid the big Eurocamp type places with mobile homes and swimming pools etc.
Any advice appreciated!
Cheers, Rick
Phill Mitch - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to RickGrundy:Good camp site in la palud one on furthest side from moustiers on right is the best. just looked for your profile to recomend routes but you don't have one. have you been before and if not do you have a tick list?
1poundSOCKS - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to RickGrundy: La Palud has 2 main options, the first (as you arrive from Moustiers side) is a good basic site, and is cheap. The municipal is out the other side of town, and is again a basic site, but bigger and not so cheap (but still pretty cheap). I stopped on the municipal a week ago, the other was closed when I arrived, but it's open now.
altirando - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to RickGrundy: There is, or was, a small campsite in Castellane, very convenient for daily shopping. Forgotten its name, but driving down the route Napoleon, turn right in the village, campsite on the right. I also seem to remember another on the left. Both basic but with all the faclities, you are not paying for a big pool complex!
RickGrundy - on 29 Apr 2013

Thanks all for the info- looks like there's a few camping options that fit the bill.

In reply to Phill Mitch:
I've never been before. Any recommendations would be appreciated- no defined tick-list as yet, very keen for La Demande, and browsing the guide (Rockfax) looks like there's loads of good stuff to go at. Wouldn't get on any long routes harder than 6c (or E2 if its not bolted), unless it was just one crux pitch then could probably manage 7a (But hear the grades are on the stiff side anyway...). Any suggestions would be great!
Cheers, Rick
Nick_Scots on 29 Apr 2013
Jean Paul Camping - is the smaller one and has a 3 sided barn with fireplace, picnic tables, so good for eating/cooking. No marked out pitches, some elec. hookups.

Camping Municipal- is further on just outside La Palud. Much bigger, marked out pitches and better facilities.

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