Via Ferrata - Slovenia

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 JGriffiths 08 Sep 2021

Hi all,

We are looking to go to Slovenia later this month and are hoping to do a days Via Ferrata while we're there.

Ideally looking for something that isn't too serious (we are not experienced with VF but otherwise competent climbers/mountaineers) and relatively easy to access (we will be staying around Bled area).

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

 John Kelly 08 Sep 2021
In reply to JGriffiths:

Slovenia was brilliant

Not an expert but 

Triglav is worth doing

Fensterweg Prisojnik was fun, the other route up this peak has a tiny glacier that stopped us, crampons and axe would be essential, a rope wouldn't hurt

Mala mostrova was convenient exercise

Jalovec - one I would like to have done 

 V1k 08 Sep 2021
In reply to John Kelly:

If you want to do Triglav I recommend going up on Bamberger Weg (grade B/C) via Ferrata and down on Prag Weg which is much easier but with a lot of scree slope.

Bamberger Weg info:

Prag Weg:

I've done it in a few days ago. It's an amazing outing. Navigation is very easy marking every 2-5 meters and via Ferrata is superb. It was a 10 hours long trip for us.

 Mark Storey 09 Sep 2021
In reply to JGriffiths:

Google time line tells me we did a VF called 'Ferata Hvadnik' just off the 201 between Kranjska Gora and Mojstrana, so convenient for Lake Bled.

Easy enough, as it follows a ravine with lots of easy resting. There is another one there as well (on the right looking out) that you can spot from the descent path.

Finžgarjevo naselje 23, 4282 Gozd Martuljek, Slovenia. Copy that into google maps and you should see where it is.


 JGriffiths 09 Sep 2021
In reply to John Kelly:

Thanks, I think Fensterweg is currently foremost in my sights, will have to see if my partner agrees!

In reply to JGriffiths:

I hope you like 'big' days, the lack of ski infrastructure means most things involve a lot of ascent and descent - a 1000m ascent and 7hr day is normal. We also found protection lacking in places compared to other mountain vf areas so bear that in mind. Anyhow,  Mala Mostrojka or Mangart would fit the bill.  The latter has one vf below the approach path as well as the one to the summit. Prisank window was quite cool but a bigger day. Oh, be prepared for snow,  a foot fell down to 1600m the day before we arrived at exactly this time of year when we went, making many things impossible without axe and crampons. 

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 John Kelly 09 Sep 2021
In reply to JGriffiths:

The link up of Razor with Prisonijk is brilliant.  I'd second Bambergerweg.

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