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 Flamingsarah 26 Mar 2022

Hi, we are off to Kalymnos for Easter.  A much-needed return after 4 years and especially after the last 2 years.    The pandemic has taken its toll on us both (NHS frontline mental health services and education so worked right the way through), so instead of daily climbing we are looking for more laid back things to do on days off climbing. Would appreciate advice on:

We are thinking of trying the Via Ferrata, heard its a scramble to get onto it and a bit of a walk afterwards but the Ferrata itself is easy.   We are by no means hardcore ferrata-ists having tried only the 'easy' ones in the Dolomites some years ago.    Wondered if anyone had done it and how they found it?

Does anyone know if the pool/snack bar at the Elena Village in Armeos is open to people just wanting to use it for the day?

Are walking routes OK accessibility-wise?    With at least decent paths, way marks etc?

Thanks, looking forward to it and reading any responses!

 carl dawson 26 Mar 2022
In reply to Flamingsarah:

Footpaths on Kalymnos are, by the nature of the island, very rocky. However, some are more reasonable than other. A few are well marked and/or clear.  Others less so. Some of the ‘paths’ shown on the Terrain map or in the Kalymnos Trail  guidebook are in fact ‘suggestions’ that cross extremely rough terrain and are slow slow going. If you want to do any proper walking on the island, you should get the 1: 25 000 map of the island by Terrain.

In the ‘easy’ walking category, where the path is usually very clear and possibly waymarked with paint marks, here are five suggestions.

2) Possibly the most popular path is the Italian Path which goes from the outskirts of Pothia over to Vathy. To give some perspective, my mother-in-law did this aged 84 and enjoyed it immensely.

3) With more vertical ascent, the path from Hora town up to the summit of the island’s high point (Prophitis Ilias, 676m) is easy enough to follow.

4) From a little road head marked as Stavri (on the east side of the island), a short and easy path leads around the mountainside to Panaghia Kyra Psili monastery.  Continuing along the same (obvious) path will take you to the Kambos plateau for superb views across the eastern seas. Return the same way (and not on the Kalymnos Trail extension on towards Vathy – too rough!)

As an alternative, and if you don’t mind the uphill return journey, you’re unlikely to get lost on the path down to the fabulous Vathy sea inlet from the Stavri parking.

5) On the west side of the island, the there-and-back path to St Photis climbing sector from Kantouni is very straightforward.

In the slightly more difficult category, here are three possibilities:

1) The ‘green’ (on the Terrain map) path from Telendos village around the north coast of Telendos island to the church of Aghios Kostantinos  is largely obvious though a bit rough in parts (although people have got lost on the return journey in the dusk). And i’s not that hard to continue to the summit of Telendos itself (459m) if you follow the green ‘path” shown on the Terrain map. Return the same way.

2)  From the road up to the col between Arginonda and Vathy (Sterni), a small path winds along the western flank of the main ridge, under Little Verdon climbing area,  to reach the summit of Galatiani (590m). Returning the same way is the most straightforward option. Spectacular.

3) The path to Sikati Cave climbing area is rough but obvious enough (and the huge doline itself justifies the walk). The more adventurous could descend to the beach below (Vizotos) then find the little path than winds back just above the coastline to The Beach climbing sector and thence back to the road.

These walks all make excellent rest days.

OP Flamingsarah 26 Mar 2022
In reply to carl dawson:

Thanks Carl, this is excellent offering a few options for relax days.   Printed and to be placed with our maps and guides!

 tjekel 28 Mar 2022
In reply to Flamingsarah:

for another rest day acitivity - actually a very short one - you could pay a visit to Skalia cave. It is located slightly to the left of Cave climbing sector, behind an iron door usually open, and visible from the short approach path. ladders lead down into a larger chamber full of stalagmites and stalactites. take your own torch/headlamp.

oh, and the Archeological Museum is quite good consider Kalymnos has probably been a rather minor island in the ancient days. 

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 AlanLittle 28 Mar 2022
In reply to Flamingsarah:

In addition to Carl's excellent hiking advice, I can recommend kayaking in Vathy as a change-of-pace activity. Apparently if you venture just outside the fjord there are often dolphins to be seen; unfortunately on the day we went it was pretty windy and we were strongly advised not to venture too far out. Still spent a very pleasant couple of hours though.

 Iamgregp 28 Mar 2022
In reply to Flamingsarah:

Not sure about the Elena Village but you could always ask - I stayed there last year and they're very nice.

If not there's a few other places that have a pool and snack bar you can use - the one behind Babis Bar in Myrties backs right on to the beach and is definitely open to all & Fatolitis/Climbers Nest has a pool bar too, though it looks smaller...

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OP Flamingsarah 29 Mar 2022
In reply to tjekel:

Hi thank you! We’ve been to the museum a couple of times but are thinking about paying it a third visit! 

OP Flamingsarah 29 Mar 2022
In reply to AlanLittle:

Thanks Carl sounds great. We are planning on visiting Vathy with the walk there so will look at it. 

OP Flamingsarah 29 Mar 2022
In reply to Iamgregp:

Thank you! Fingers crossed we will find a pool for the day! 

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