Visiting Churnet Valley - Where to Camp?

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 afx22 08 Oct 2021

If you were to have a few days bouldering in the Churnet Valley, where might be a good location to camp?  

I’ll have a car with me, so won’t need to be in walking distance of the climbing.

Apart from bouldering, it would be nice be close to other stuff for when I’m not climbing - coffee shops, outdoor shops, pub, somewhere to go for a trail run, etc. would all be good.

 afx22 08 Oct 2021
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Btw.  I mean at a campsite, not in the woods

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I don't know of many campsites round there, allthough think theres a youth hostel very nearby? If you drive 20 mins north though into the white peak around Illam way there are tonnes (and possibly better area for running). Its a somewhat quite corner of the Peak which is all part of the charm. Alton has lots of pubs of varying quality for the Alton towers crowd.

 Greg Lucas 09 Oct 2021
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That's right, I'd camp at one of the many small campsites close to the Manifold valley. Hulme End is a lovely spot with several campsites close to the river and the Manifold Hotel (pub). Google Hulme End camping. Lovely spot. There are several campsites closer to the Churnet but several of them look more like caravan sites in the main. Another plus of camping in the Manifold is the easy access to some great gritstone bouldering - Roaches, Newstones - Boldstones. The Churnet is a bit damp at present (I was there yesterday) due to the tree cover.  

 afx22 09 Oct 2021
In reply to Greg Lucas:

I went to Churnet today and it was soaking, so went elsewhere.  Looks good though and I shall go back sometime.

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