/ What're your tips for bouldering in Albarracin?

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Tcm91 - on 14 May 2018

We've just booked flights to Valencia (Sep 30th-Oct 6th) for a bouldering trip in Albarricin and would love any and all tips if you've been before.

Specifically, what did you make of the campsite? And do they have plenty of bouldering mats to rent (might they run out?) because we don't have our own.

Which guidebook should we get? It's our first time bouldering outdoors, so a beginner-friendly guidebook would be best.

We're planning on renting a car as this seems to be recommended to get between boulders. Any potential problems or pitfalls to watch out for?

Also keen to know how you'd recommend training for it, as we have a few more months beforehand to hit the gym and get prepared.

Food/drink/general climbing tips also welcome! It's safe to say we're psyched!!!

afx22 - on 15 May 2018
In reply to Tcm91:

Best guidebook is Boulder Albarracin (I have both - the new one - Albarracin Bouldering has terrible pictures).  I also subscribed to the 27 Crags app.  You could use just that but I preferred the guidebook.

We rented mats from Sofa Boulder - the climbing shop in Albarracin.  Great little shop.  Friendly staff and the mats they hire out are great.  We hired two of the Organic Big Pads at 10 EUR per day.  They had plenty of mats available but it was pretty cold when we were there, so may have been quiet.

We rented cars from Valencia and that worked well - just make sure they're big enough to fit the mats in.  One of ours was too small - a Renault Captur.

Regarding training - it has more roof problems than you can imagine.  I only climb in the F6's and found that almost everywhere had tons of good holds and decent feet, so finger strength helped most.

You can easily stock up on food in Teruel (we used Aldi, for shopping) and there are loads of restaurants in Albarracin itself.

It's a beautiful place with amazing climbing.  Enjoy.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.