/ Winter sun with toddler - Marglef or Mallorca

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mike1979 - on 20 Nov 2013
We're thinking of going to either Majorca or Marglef with friends at the beginning of March. We have a daughter who's 20 months old and our friends' son is about 18 months old. Luckily there's also a couple coming along without any kids ;).

Which area do you think might be most suitable with kids? I.e. with room for them to play near the crag. Also which area has the most climbing to suit our diverse needs terms of level. I.e. French fives and French sevens ideally at the same crag! Short approaches would also be a bonus.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and ideas! It's always a big help to get info from people who have actually been to an area.

Matt Vigg - on 21 Nov 2013
In reply to mike1979:

Can't help with Majorca or Margalef unfortunately but I'd be interested to know where these crags are as well so I'll give this thread a bump. (If other locations are possible for you Mike Corsica could work and the temps would probably be similar-ish, could post a few crag names if that's any use).
kingborris - on 21 Nov 2013
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While neither Majorca or Marglef, San Vito in Sicily would fit that description pretty well
Carolyn - on 21 Nov 2013
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I've only been to Majorca before kids, but my memory is that most of the crags wouldn't be very toddler friendly. Might be OK with spare adults to entertain them, but most of the ones we went to didn't have nice flat bases, etc.
In reply to mike1979: Majorca - Cala Magrana has a walk in so doesn't fit that bill but is a vrag with a beach and shallow water if I remember correctly (could be wrong tough).

edordead - on 21 Nov 2013
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Cala Magraner on Mallorca ticks the grades boxes - from 3+ all the way to 8's I think with plenty of 5s and 6s. The walk in is 20 odd minutes but the beach is great for swimming and there's usually some shade on one side or other of the cove.

There are also nice beaches with limited DWS in those grades at Cala Santanyi and Sa Calobra.

Heike - on 21 Nov 2013
In reply to mike1979:
I have never been, but we have a toddler , well 4 year old now, and we have considered Mallorca. Lots of friends said it would be ideal, We didnt go for finance reasons, no cheap fligjts from Scotland. Places we have gone with toddler/ baby: KAlymnos, Turkey, Costa Blanca, Corsica, Provence, Fraankenjura, etc
Mallorca climbing on 22 Nov 2013 -
Hi Mike!
I am a local Mallorcan climber and will obviously tell you wonderful things about the craggs in Mallorca!
In a nutshell, yes you have craggs with easy access and grade variety in a few different spots:
The best examples are Puig de Garrafa, Valldemossa and S'Estret (although not appearing in the guide yet, there's about 4-6 new 6+-7s routes near Sector Cuarenton) are the best ones, with AlarĂ³ and Sa Creveta having a bit of a walk (10-15min). Cala Magraner (25min walk) is a bit further, but it's an unfrequent flat easy walk!
They're all stunning places, and all of them different from eachother and at under 1 hour drive.
On the other hand, Margalef is a magnificent place that if you are just climbing, with 20% 7s and 20% 5s of a total of about 800 routes.
Best you can do is go to both places!
I know about a place in Mallorca where you can stay. It's on
Hope this helps!
RockShock on 22 Nov 2013
In reply to mike1979:

Hi Margalef has, from my very limited 3 day stay, quite a lot of sectors along the road, so that makes for easy access to the crags with the pram. The road doesn't have much traffic so should be quite safe for toddlers.

There are other sectors on the other side of the river, which I have only seen from the road which may be a bit more complicated, but overall I think you should definitely find something suitable there.

I know this isn't of much help, but then again, no one has so far wrote about Margalef, so at least that's for start.

You can get in touch with the Raco de la Finestra refuge to ask them more details - I think Jordi speaks English a bit...

mike1979 - on 22 Nov 2013
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Thanks for all the tips! Leaning towards Mallorca at the moment.
madam - on 25 Nov 2013
In reply to mike1979:

Hey Mike,

I have been to Siurana last February/March ... very close to Margalef. At one point it actually snowed a lot So may be consider this as well. When the sun was out it was wonderful but otherwise still pretty cold...good for friction, probably not that good for your kids, just guessing, don't have any yet


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