/ 3 days around Suilven

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L jbpilon 15:22 Thu

Im going to Scotland in March to do Suilven if weather allows.
We have 3 full days in the area.
Any other trek you guys would recommend ?
We ll probably have the tents.


Mark Bull 16:06 Thu
In reply to jbpilon:

If you are into scrambling it is well worth doing the "other" top of Suilven (Meall Meadhonach)

Quinag is a fine mountain, as is Cul Mor, but my favourite walk in the area is the full round of all the tops of Ben Mor Coigach starting from Culnacraig. 

Stac Pollaidh is very popular but well worthwhile for a half-day (some tricky scrambling if you go to the true summit). 

The area doesn't lend itself especially well for backpacking circuits if that's what you were thinking - too many difficult river crossings! 

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Lankyman 16:14 Thu
In reply to jbpilon:

3 days is nothing like enough to explore the area - still if it's all you've got then you're not going to run out of hills. As well as Suilven there are lots of upstanding Torridonian sandstone hills of a similar ilk but all very much individuals. Ones I've enjoyed are Quinag (3 Corbett's on one hill so quite a lot of up and down), Stac Pollaidh (short) and Ben More Coigach but there are plenty of others. If the weather is poor then there are plenty of coastal options - just look at your map. Oh, and the walk up to see the caves above Inchnadamph is interesting. A bit like being back in the Dales.


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