/ Assessment and selection of the weather forecast

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Jake80 - on 04 Apr 2019

How do we approach this? The situation is very different if you want to climb in the European Alps and when you are going to remote part of the Andes or Tajikistan.

I have read an article in the past explaining how different weather forecast providers use different approaches and techniques to provide forecast for specific regions and altitudes. It mentioned that some were not accurate enough (grid density etc) and therefore high risk to use really. Surprisingly one of my 'favourite' websites was there as not too good! 

I'm not an expert but if someone is it would be good to understand how to select source of the information to be successful and safe. I'd appreciate advice or even link to some reputable sources.


alexm198 - on 10 Apr 2019
In reply to Jake80:

I'm afraid I'm not an expert, but I thought I'd bump this as it's a good question and I'd also be interested in any advice. 

Do you have a link to the article you mention?

I commonly use MeteoBlue's Multimodel view to get a wider spread of data: https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/forecast/multimodel/chamonix_france_3027301 but I'm not sure how reputable it is. Mainly it's good for convincing yourself that even though 9 out of 10 forecasts says it's going to piss it down, the one that's forecasting blazing sunshine makes it still worth a try ;)


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