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dakidunn - on 15 Aug 2014
Just after some opinions on lightweight mountaineering boots that I'd be able to do easy winter routes and scrambling/alpine stuff in.
I have a pair or Nepals and a pair of Kibo boots for more wintery stuff but want something lighter to replace one of the latter with. Anyone had any good experience with Trangos or similar?
Many thanks in advance,
AdamCB - on 15 Aug 2014
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Trangos are good but I found they pinched my toes, now got Scarpa Rebel Lite GTX which are superb, great for general easier alpine summer although don't think they would be warm enough for feet-buried-in-snow type winter stuff.
Kid Spatula - on 15 Aug 2014
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Scarpa Jorasses are pretty damn good, and reasonably light. More importantly for me they are also warm.
The Ex-Engineer - on 15 Aug 2014
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If you want light then as mentioned, the Scarpa Rebel Lite would be just about perfect. See
If they are not stiff or warm enough then look at the other boots in the Rebel range.

The Jorasses are great boots but as fully stiffened, insulated B3s they would just be a more modern replacement for the Nepals.

The only thing worth adding is that pretty much everything lightweight tends to have thinner (and often grippier) sole units than more traditional boots like the Nepals so they will tend to wear out quicker which may or may not be an issue depending on how long it will take you to rack up a hundred odd days in the mountains.
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Street - on 15 Aug 2014
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I've got a pair of Trango Extremes, wore them for 10 days solid over in the Alps last month and they were amazingly comfortable! My feet were only a bit cold on Mont Blanc early in the morning but the rest of the time they were fine. I only got them at the start of this year so only managed to wear them out a couple times in UK winter.

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