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Hi all.

New to the forum so apologies if this is not they correct location but after some advice on new boots...

I am looking at some new boots and have been torn between the Scarpa Charmox and the new La Sportiva Aequilibrium LT GTX.

I have La Sportiva G2 for higher ranges (although due to Covid restrictions) the trip got postponed so haven't had chance to use them yet!!!

We have managed to get a trip organised to Toubkal mid - end October.

I haven't done this type of mountain before as mostly uk. Cornwall based so a lot of my multi day is the Dartmoor, snowdon / Wales and most the SW coastal paths so my Mammut AEnergy GTX have served me well.

The next trips planned are Iceland, Elbrus and others in the pipeline.

Have tried the two boots on for days around the house and found myself torn...

The Charmox are extremely comfortable and lovely to wear but clearly a solid / flat base B2 boot.

The Aequilibrium on the other hand have a far more roll to the walk and a more hiking boot like feel to the stride.

Where I can not get past is if the Charmox will be unsuitable for the Toubkal summit, especially if the mid October season has limited snow and no need for crampons.

As anyone done any distance in either on more rock like terrain???

Any guidance would be hugely appreciated.


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B2's suck on tarmac but on rocky ground I find you tend to 'place' your feet more, so rigid soles tend to not be an issue for me. 

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Thanks for the reply.... Yeah thats my thought and as its elevation gain they should be fine. Approach shoes for the lower trek in.


 jonesieboy 03 Oct 2021
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If there's limited snow in October you'll might find the local guides are still wearing trainers. That's what they had on their feet in July when I did Toubkal a few years back. 

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