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Andy Ayres on 21 Jul 2013 -
Can anyone recommend a decent campsite in the Vaniose that has access to good walking without having to drive, some easy non serious climbing/via ferrata and a quaint town near by?

I went there about 15 years ago and remember it having amazing scenery and it wasn't crowded.

Any recommendations much appreciated,

Lion Bakes on 21 Jul 2013
In reply to Andy Ayres:

Isertan in pralognan
samharrison7 - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to Andy Ayres:

We're off to Pralognan tonight, staying at Camping le Chamois, followed by a move to Champagny to stay at Camping le Canada. I've stayed at the former about five years ago and don't remember any bad things about it. Both are pretty cheap, ~£5 a night (or less) without a car.

There seems plenty to do around the area (search the forums to find a post from me asking what to do in the area!), though the only up-to-date guidebook seems to be Topo de la Vanoise, which is of course in French... Walking-wise you can easily link a load of huts together and do a nice big traverse, and of course there's the "Tour of the Vanoise".

We're car-less and so one of the reasons we picked Pralognan/Champagny was its accessibility and proximity of routes you don't need to drive to.
Pinch'a'salt on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to Beat me to it!:

Not sure I would call Pralognan quaint though.. (though the villages further up the Prioux valley are).

To the OP (and as per SamHarr:

Isertan in Pralognan - 5 mins walk to the big crag under the cable car (100 or so routes from 3+ to 7a, Via Ferata de la Fraiche - not very long but really cool (literally) right by a waterfall. Good walking all over the shop from there.

Canada in Champagny le Haut - 10 minutes walk to the Grande Roche crag - ~25 or so pitches 5-6b+, easy via ferrata on this crag too (which sadly traverses a ledge above all the climbing - helmet recommended below...), and a short but sharp via ferrata below the road up to Champagny le Haut (resting sling & crab advisable) off the path down to Champagny. Good walking in all directions...

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