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rickyclimb - on 27 Aug 2010
Dear UKC,

I am organising an 8-week expedition to Papua Province, Indonesia scheduled for Nov/Dec 2010. The expedition has three main objectives:

1. Climb the three highest peaks in Australasia (Puncak Mandala 4,640m; Puncak Trikora 4,750m; Carstensz Pyramid 4,884m)
2. Support ongoing climate change research in relation to the disappearance of New Guinea's tropical glaciers by creating a photographic record of current ice cap cover and collection of other data
3. Raise a substantial sum for disadvantaged young people (in the UK) and children with cancer (in Canada)

We are looking for 1-2 other climbers to join us for the Carstensz Pyramid leg of the expedition to share costs (anticipated dates 6th - 23rd Dec 2010). In order to secure the necessary permits for Carstensz Pyramid, we have negotiated with a local agent to complete the necessary logistics and to secure access through tribal lands. The cost per person for these services is $6,000. This includes a charter flight to/from Timika to the village with an airstrip nearest the mountain (Illaga).

Other costs on top of this for anyone who is interested in joining us would include international airfare to Jakarta (£500 - £750 return from UK), internal flight Jakarta - Timika (c.£300) and hotel costs etc. I have a supply of freeze-dried food and we have some exciting kit sponsors so if you contact me early enough you could be kitted out with full Montane clothing, GoLite packs etc, thereby reducing kit expenses to a minimum.

Commercial expedition operators normally charge £10,000 for a Carstensz expedition, and while that would include all in-country costs (and possibly international airfare), by negotiating directly with a local agent we have reduced the costs massively.

If anyone can commit the time and money to join us (Ricky Munday/Mark McGowan) please contact me and I can send you our expedition proposal and full details of our plans. I'd also be happy to offer any advice on fundraising etc. I have been awarded a 2010 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship as Leader of the expedition and we are being supported by the Alpine Club of Canada Environment Fund. I've also been shortlisted for Round 9 of BA's Great Britons initiative so potentially this could cover flights for all expedition members if I win
We were also awarded a 2010 Lyon Equipment Expedition Award.

The expedition has been approved by both the BMC and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. I wrote a feature article for WideWorld Magazine that has some background to the expedition:

My contact details are:
Skype: rickymunday
Tel: +249(0)912133126

Thanks for listening!

Cheers, Ricky
rickyclimb - on 03 Sep 2010
In reply to rickyclimb:
Thanks to those who have emailed so far. Looks like we've confirmed another team member for Carstensz. If anyone else is interested, let me know as soon as possible - if we can confirm one more, the likely costs for each team member are likely to fall below $5,000 for in-country services. For those who are interested, a Norwegian team used the same agent earlier this year - you can read a report at the following webpage:

It's in Norwegian, but copy and paste the report into Google Translate and you'll get a decent translation.

If you don't fancy joining but want to support the expedition, please go to and vote for me to help me win free flights for UK-based expedition members.



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