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rashwell - on 06 Dec 2017
Hey, I may be in/around chamonix with a free week 3-10 Feb and looking to get out for a bit of climbing. Previously been to Alps in summer x3 leading up to AD+ but this will be my first winter trip, also lead Scottish mixed grade IV. Will anyone be about and keen to get out? Cheers, Rachel
HammondR on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to rashwell:

Can you ski? Just checking as many routes require skis or snowshoes to approach and/or return after. In deepest darkest February it could be hard work without.

If you don't receive any better offers feel free to message me. I will be there for the season so between me and one or two younger friends there should be someone to get out with.

Unless of course there is fresh powder that week. You have no friends on a powder day/week!

Good luck.
teh_mark on 07 Dec 2017
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rashwell - on 08 Dec 2017
In reply to HammondR:

Well- my main aim in being out there is for ski improvement. I'm out in Alps from mid-Jan to mid-Feb mostly skiing, but 3rd-10th is currently a free week. Right now i'm more on the beginner side of skiing (red on piste)- but the aim of this trip is to get into off piste and ski touring. So yes, I'm hoping I would be able to ski in/out of some routes within reason. And so within the week I'd also be more than keen to get out for a ski tour/off piste (but would need to be with people who are happy to have a 'relative' beginner tag along!) - but I thought I might also like a change from skiing- hence, seeing if I could find anyone to climb with for those few days.
Be great to link up for a ski/climb/hike whatever though...
Cheers, Rachel
Ian84 - on 11 Dec 2017
In reply to rashwell:

I’m in a similar position to you in terms of experience (climbing and skiing), although will be there from the 11th to 17th. If you’re still about that week, it would be great to get out for the day as I’ll be skiing otherwise.
rashwell - on 11 Dec 2017
In reply to Ian84:

Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch. But I have a little ski trip planned with my Mum that week so won't be around. Have a good one though!

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