Chamonix partners Jan 14-16

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 bogpetre 26 Nov 2021

I'm going to be in town briefly and am looking for partners in Chamonix for routes like Fil a Plomb or Vent du Dragon on the Midi, Rebuffat gully on the Tour Ronde, and M6 Solar on Pointe Lachenal. Technical, but relatively noncommitting routes in other words. The two locals I know are going to be out of town, and it's too short a visit for me to talk any of my regular partners into flying out to join me. Have been out during this time of year before, and have done 4 of 5 trips to the area in the past, so I have a pretty good idea of what to expect, and what objectives might be realistic for me with the right partner.

Incentive to climb with randos for a day isn't very high, but I will be back for a month in March/April and likely for a week or two in early June, so there could be a chance there to climb again in the near future, for whatever that's worth.

Also interested in skiing, but I'm pretty lousy by Chamonix standards. Don't think I could safely ski the glacier rond for instance, but could offer to spot people on the mer de glace or easier stuff and fish you out of a crevasse if needed. That's my plan now at any rate if I can't find someone to climb with.

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Hey, I won't be around in Jan but will be out there from March 1 - May 1 for a second longer stay in Chamonix.

A partner will be joining me for a few weeks in April and I'm looking for partners in March. I climb AD/D routes and E1 trad. Objectives include Frendo-Ravanel and Mallory Porter. 

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 Nick-2T^ 19 Dec 2021
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Hi, not sure if your plans have changed with the new travel restrictions but I will be around in Jan-Feb. I am in France already due to work.

I might not be the most experienced partner that you are looking for but I have spent time in Chamonix and the Sud Alps, my background is not extensive as I struggle to find partners due to work arrangements. I have done routes like Arete du cosmique, ice climbing course in NZ and Scottish winter climbing courses. I have read the description of Fil a Plomb and it looks very interesting. If you are around it would be great to meet for a chat either way. Thanks 

 bogpetre 12 Jan 2022
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Bump. Still looking for a partner for Saturday. People have done the Rebuffat Gully (dry), Vent du Dragon (looks ok) and Modica Noury (looks ok) recently, for an idea regarding conditions.

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