/ Climbing Partner(s) Mont Blanc Summit Aug 2018

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L solopez - on 06 Jul 2018

Hi, I'm looking for climbing partner(s) leaving from Chamonix sometime around mid August thru September (2018) for Mont Blanc summit, possibly Matterhorn and some nearby adventures. I have a three year experience in mountaineering; love sports with a high endurance attitude; highest climb this year 4,400m Northern Andes, near Mendoza, Argentina. Other climbing experiences: Mexico, Peru, USA. 

I am open to route recommendations and partners with moderate knowledge on mountaineering. I am open to any guidance as I am entering the Alps for climbing for the first time. 

L Jlkoller14 - on 08 Jul 2018
In reply to solopez:

hey im also looking for a partner, im 16 and fairly new to climbing but don't think im a not a newbie either. i have been many times to the alps skiing but never climbing, i have never been climbing in big mountais but am up for a challange and think i would be a good partner. where are you from btw.

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L solopez - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Jlkoller14:

Hi Jlkoller, thank you for your interest on partnering for climbing. I am looking for partners with  "moderate knowledge on mountaineering." However, let me see how our group number of experienced climbers increases and we may fit you in with a nice challenge to join us. Feel free to write me at -- please share your experience in the Alps at (sports, skiing, etc). Thanks for the input!

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