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Charlotte Nelson - on 10 Jun 2013
Im going on the conville course next week and was going to take my 50m single rope, but I'm really close to the weight limit for my hold luggage so was wondering who else on these dates will be taking ropes? Theres not much point in all of us taking one and it would save a lot of space/weight in suitcases!
franksnb - on 10 Jun 2013
In reply to Charley17:chop 20m off
Mountain Llama on 10 Jun 2013
In reply to Charley17: Are n't the ropes provided by the instructors?
Charlotte Nelson - on 10 Jun 2013
In reply to Mountain Llama: yes, on the course, but to be able to stay out afterwards youll need your own ropes
JimboWizbo - on 10 Jun 2013
In reply to Charley17: Maybe it was the time of year but we found we just didn't end up getting out doing our own stuff in the evening, the course ran up to about tea time and after that we'd had a couple of pints and just wanted to chat to other people at PyB.

Great if you do manage to get out though, given where you are, and all the new friends you'll make, I wouldn't be too concerned that you'll be left ropeless.
Charlotte Nelson - on 10 Jun 2013
In reply to JimboWizbo: thanks, but i meant staying on after the course is finished, im planning to stay for a week and get some routes done but obviously cant do this without a rope
Lizz_m on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to franksnb:
How helpful is a 30m rope?
The info they provided stated 50m very clearly. But 30 is so much lighter!

In a similar position on a later course
aldo56 - on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to Charley17: I'm on the 16 - 18th course, managed to get my rope in and under the weight but i had to seriously cut down on clothing!
paulmck - on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: 50m is better if the glaciers are more heavily crevassed (you will generally want more rope out between you) or if you think you need to do a lot of abseils.
If you have one, you can get away with a 1/2 rope to reduce weight but that limits any lead climbing you might want to do.
spenser - on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Hi Lizz, I'm bringing a set of dry treated 50m halves with me, I was planning on throwing a 50m single in as well as I reckon I'll probably have space so I can get a bit of sport done before or after the course. I'm still fairly new to leading and haven't actually used the halves yet (they belong to my uni's club). I'll be bringing a rack and quite a few ice screws with me as well to make sure I can get stuff done as long as I can find a climbing partner. Give me a shout if you want to check what I'm bringing.
Lizz_m on 12 Jun 2013
In reply to paulmck:
Thanks Paul, Thinking that after the course we will be trying to probably stay below the glacier lines, though maybe not the snow line. So hopefully avoiding crevasses. Spencers comment reminded me that my rope isnt water resistant as its just an entrance rope so thinking im not going to take it.

Jasonic on 12 Jun 2013
In reply to Charley17: Difficult to climb without a rope!
Lizz_m on 12 Jun 2013
In reply to spenser:
Dry treated! That was the words I was looking for! Awh to still be able to steal things form my Uni club... Good times!
I've just acquired everything on the kit list and am feeling very much like a walker not a climber atm with all the information about racks being bandied about! But would love to give some routes a go especially before the course if your happy with a total novice! at outdoor climbing.

Waterproof trousers you bring normal ones or salopettes? I really cant spell!

spenser - on 12 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: I've just got a pair of normal ones, I doubt I'd use a pair of salopettes much and there's a possibility of ruining them with crampons anyway.
The guidebooks I've got both cover mountain routes, I've only started leading fairly recently so I won't be doing anything spectacularly difficult anyway.
A friend suggested that I go and do this on the first day:
I'd be happy doing that I think.
The other alternative would be to spend some time doing sport? My guidebooks don't cover the sport crag:
You mentioned about the microadventure thing as well, I'll be bringing a bivvy bag for that, how keen I am depends on how good the weather is though!
I think I'll be happy to be outside not doing work by that point so I'll be keen for pretty much anything.
paulmck - on 13 Jun 2013
In reply to spenser: The lightest possible waterproofs you have with full length zips on the trousers (not salopettes). This is summer alpine rather than scottish winter so in theory the waterproofs will sit at the bottom of your pack all the time!
And I've heard that for the ladies, trousers with a zip fly are better than those without. Apparantly if you want to use one of those she-wee contraptions, it's much easier with a zip fly.

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