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Current conditions Alps

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Hi everyone. Will be out to the Alps on Thursday, hopefully for mountaineering. Competent at D, probably still reasonably acclimatised from the last trip. I understand there has been snow down to 2200m, and anywhere between 4-12inches of powder, depending on location. What routes are being done at moment (so tracked), how fast is it melting, any predictions from those out there at present for what will possibly be good Fri/sat. 

Many thanks in advance.

 Doug 11 Sep 2019
In reply to cannichoutdoors:

Where in the Alpes ? 

I live in the Champsaur where there was a little snow yesterday above 2000m but nos melted

 McHeath 11 Sep 2019
In reply to cannichoutdoors:

The Alps are 1250km long and up to 250km wide - could you be more specific?

In reply to McHeath:

Mainly looking at Oberland, Valais, Arolla, Cham, Gran Paradiso. As said, am reasonably. flexible

In reply to cannichoutdoors:

Any useful webcams on fotowebcam.eu?

 Fergal 11 Sep 2019
In reply to cannichoutdoors:

Take a gamble? suck it up and see, welcome to a world pre internet!

In reply to Fergal:

It might come to that. But I do remember the days of driving in to Ft William in the hope that Nevisport had put up the weather forecast, and when the OHM route book was the only source of info in Cham. Just thought I'd take advance of modern comms and the power of networks.

 kathrync 12 Sep 2019
In reply to cannichoutdoors:

It has been a hot and dry summer in Chamonix which has been leading to a lot of difficulties with rockfall and large chasms appearing between rock spires and glacier.  I was there last week. We turned back from Pyramide du Tacul because even if we had managed to cross the gaping chasm we would have had to scramble some horrendous loose choss to get onto the route.  Another team had similar difficulties on Pointe Adolphe Rey (although they did manage to get onto the Salluard route).  Marbrees can be accessed but must be reversed because the usual abseil descent is a death trap. From what we heard at the Torino hut, it sounds like Dent du Geant is similarly difficult to access.  On the other hand, we had no difficulties with Aiguilles d'Entreves or Cosmiques.

Snow was falling high up when I left and it sounds like it has continued to fall I can't comment on depth or what has been tracked.  But I suspect that loose rock and lack of snow banks will continue to be an issue there until there has been significant snow and a good freeze!

 rogerwebb 12 Sep 2019
In reply to cannichoutdoors:

Gran Paradiso is ok if you are looking at the normal route. Did it yesterday no issues. 

The buses are now off though (since the day before yesterday) so if you don't have transport it would be expensive or a hitch. 

 Dan Outdoors 12 Sep 2019

Ive seen pictures coming in from people doing the TMB showing snow around trient area 

 malk 12 Sep 2019
In reply to Dan Outdoors:

no snow here: https://panocam.skiline.cc/chamonix/brevent

looking forward to two weeks of settled weather on the GR5 (like this time last year;)

In reply to malk:

Just for info, we did the SE ridge of Zinalrothorn on Saturday. Mostly clear of snow. Just a bit on the second pitch above the Biner slab, and the summit ridge. 

 felt 30 Sep 2019
In reply to malk:

So what was it like? A mini trip report, please.

 malk 01 Oct 2019
In reply to felt:

it was fantastic thanks - two weeks full of contrasts - hot summer days, autumn colours, fresh snow settling above ~3000m (eg col d'iseran) made last week even more scenic ..

 felt 01 Oct 2019
In reply to malk:

Post some pics!

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