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joelc - on 01 May 2019

Not specifically climbing-related but the Dachstein (Austria) Caving Expedition is heading out again this summer to continue exploring deep holes beneath the mountains & adventurous climbers are welcome to make use of our brilliant set-up.  We're based at 1872m at the Wiesberghaus which is one of the most atmospheric huts around (i.e, not an out-of-season-ski-station-shithole) & I'm expecting about 40 explorers from all over the world over the 3 weeks from August 15 to September 7.  

Our project is fairly serious (the big cave is just shy of a mile deep with a hell of a lot more potential) but there are some decent 6 or 7 pitch trad, sport & aid routes within half an hour's walk, an 800m high via ferrata from the valley, some little sport crags close enough that your cup of tea won't get cold during the walk, and on the opposite side of the range there are some 20 plus pitch routes.  The walking & scrambling is awesome & the glacier can be reached in about an hour (if you're fit & the glacier's in condition you can get to the summit of the Hoher Dachstein (3000m) an hour or so later).

The cavers will be spread out over a couple of basic alpine huts but the main Wiesberghaus has private rooms, a dormitory, a shower, bar, and great food.  The management are friends of ours so I'll be able to arrange a discount or you could join in with the cavers if you want a proper cheap trip.  

Amongst our ranks are some capable climbers & we have guidebooks for the area.  More importantly, we can provide advice & a bit of a safety blanket in the event of a problem.  And from my point of view the hut management will love us even more if we promote them ;-)     

More information is available on Facebook so do a search for Dachstein (Austria) Caving Expeditions & then find the actual Event itself.  

Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dachsteincaving/


Wiesberghaus: https://www.wiesberghaus.at

tjekel - on 11 May 2019
In reply to joelc: i sind cond the area is beautiful and has lots to offer... 


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