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 Forest Dump 30 May 2022

Early stage of planning a trip for next year.

Looking for access to good walking, maybe walkable/easy scrambling peaks, lift acces perhaps, distractions available for down days, decent local transport infrastructure, food & drink options etc

Ideally doable by train and happy with an overnight stop in a city on the way.

I've treked at the 200om-2500m mark before in Romania & Sierra Nevada, would like to test the body out a bit higher.

The obvious answer is Chamonix, Switzerland beyond the budget.

Anywhere worth looking at in the Pyrynees, Austria, Slovenia maybe..

Suggestions welcome! 


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 henwardian 30 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Dolomites should tick all your boxes. The Austrian alps too - Vorarlberg or Tirol. The Ecrins as well.

Chamonix is pretty expensive if you are worried about cost and while it's outstanding for a variety of things, I wouldn't put it at the top of my list for 2000 to 2500m trekking because although there is the Aiguilles Rouge, all the coolest stuff there is on the Mont Blanc side and is decidedly more hardcore and committing.

In reply to Forest Dump:

Aosta, or one of the side valleys.

 Rob Exile Ward 30 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

You're right, Chamonix ticks a lot of boxes - and staying in Argentiere is a bit removed from the madness, and a bit closer to 000m hills the other side of Col de Monters. Very reachable by train.

Briancon is another possibility, with hills, mountains, VFs nearby... Pic de la Grave is a good easy Alpine tick. Not so sure about public transport though.

OP Forest Dump 30 May 2022
In reply to henwardian:

Chamonix appeals as its a decent size town with good infrastructure, and the lifts can get us up high for day hikes.

You may have misunderstood, I know i'm ok up to 2600m so I'd like to push the altitude to see how the body goes before commiting to anything more ambitious. And Cham seems to have lots of options, at all altitudes and good lift infrastructure. Looking for day hikes, maybe a summit using a hut overnight as better half never had the joys of a hut

We're quite happy with a relatively build up base, providing public transport is good around it

OP Forest Dump 30 May 2022
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

We've looked at Argentiere, and we can still get drunk in cham or hit the pool on a down/ rain day <thumbs up>

Not looking for anything too bucolic / remote / pastural on this trip

Peak wise, Mt Buet seems doable to start with

 Mike-W-99 30 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Mt Buet is a lovely summit.nice circuit into Switzerland possible if feeling fit.

Last time we stayed in the area the train was free if you were on holiday in the valley (between certain stations)

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 Mike-W-99 30 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Another option. Had a few trips to Mayrhofen late summer which would cover all your options.Can get the train there too.

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OP Forest Dump 30 May 2022
In reply to Mike-W-99:

That looks like it fits the bill. I've always thought of Austria as a bit racist/conservative though (i might be completely off the mark on this), and my partner's mixed race..

 VictorM 31 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Well you could always do Innsbruck though. It's a university town and therefore has a very laidback feel to it with lots of different kinds of people (both race and lifestyle) and the Tirol Alps are really close. Public transport infrastructure is pretty decent. 

OP Forest Dump 31 May 2022
In reply to VictorM:

Thanks, Innsbruck does appeal tbh

 walts4 31 May 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Might not tick all your boxes but both the Ossola & Valsesia valleys North West of Milan certainly tick the walking, trekking requirements.

 CRISTEA 06 Jun 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

Have a look at Benasque perhaps. Don't think it has a train connection but the town is gorgeous. Has everything you want for down days, beautiful walks nearby, great food, and plenty to see and do.

I've done Pico de Posets and Aneto from there last year and used Benasque as a base.

I made a video on climbing Posets (not via its normal route) which I'll link so you can see how the area looks like:

Good luck!

 gooberman-hill 07 Jun 2022
In reply to Forest Dump:

St Martin Vesubie in the Alpes Maritimes. Great walking, scrambling and climbing up to 3200m. Everything can be done from a roadhead in a day. Lovely area.


In reply to Forest Dump:

> Thanks, Innsbruck does appeal tbh

Don't bother with the Swarowski experience unless you like looking at art installations with the odd crystal in them. A factory tour it is not.  Guided tour of the ski jump is cool though.

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