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TheFasting on 02 Apr 2018

It seems like who I thought would join me to Chamonix this summer is bailing (he's being all wishy washy and hasn't booked anything).

So I probably have to try to find someone in Chamonix who's also looking for a partner. I've tried asking online a few places, but no takers. Do you guys have any experience with finding people to climb with in Chamonix? Would it be better to just cancel and go do solo stuff around Norway instead? My main hope was to get some experience at 4000m+, but it looks tricky to solo stuff that high considering the glacier terrain.

I know there are areas with easier 4000ers, but I want something challenging to climb rather than just be at altitude for the sake of it. If that's not doable, maybe I should find some 4000ers I can do alone. I can take suggestions for that too if you guys know about any, I only have the Chamonix guidebook so I haven't read too much about other areas in the Alps.

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JackO3522 - on 02 Apr 2018
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Hi buddy

Whats your plans ? what sort of thing do you have in mind ? id be super keen for some time out there... in fact ive been looking for someone for a while who would like to get out there for a longer trip ..


get in touch man let me know 

Mark Haward - on 02 Apr 2018
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Usually easy to find partners in Chamonix. People leave names at the guide's office and often easy to get partners walking around campsites. A particularly good source is the Argentiere campsite where people doing the Conville course often base themselves ( presuming they still do ).

    Usually easy to get people on here too

El_Dave_H - on 02 Apr 2018
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Sent a PM. 

TheFasting on 02 Apr 2018
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Thanks, I'll PM you

Rafan - on 17 Apr 2018


I'll be going to the Swiss Alps this summer to do some "easier" 4000s (Bishorn, Straalhorn, Allalinhorn via Hohlaubgrat and Alphubel) before attempting Mont Blanc vía Goûter with a guide (I'll be trekking from Bionnassay up to Tête Rousse, sleep there and meet him the next day).

I'd be more than keen on having a partner for any part or the whole of the trip. If you're interested let me know and we could manage something.

The climb to Mont Blanc is an homenage to a friend of mine that died some weeks ago in the Alps while guiding; the guide I'll be going with was also a friend of him (so we're pretty determined to get up).




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