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Does anyone know the approximate angle of slope on forgotten twin or right twin when it’s snow covered? 

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Can't tell you the exact slope angle, but I do remember looking at it quite seriously as a possibility for a ski descent back in the mid-90s when I worked up at NR so that gives an idea of general angle (ie steep but not very steep...) - pretty sure it had had a descent or two prior to that, and has had the occasional descent this century... vague memory says there is a steeper section in the middle, but large parts of it would be skiable in good conditions so that probably puts it at 50 degrees tops and a bit more for the steep bit.

 Cameron94 18:03 Sat
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Similar to pinch a salt, I used to stand at the top quite often while working for NR thinking it had potential to go on skis in good seasons but I never fully tested this idea so I've only been down about 35m of it on foot. 

The slope angle is going to depend on the season really and what the winds have been up to. I'd make a guess that it fluctuates between 45* and perhaps as much as 70* on the steepest section/ the scarp slope. 

It also has a steepening about two thirds down and an icy pitch at the bottom. I'm sure it saw some ski descents in the 00's though.

Out of interest why are you curious about the slope angle? 

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