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Ben169961 - on 10 Jul 2018


I'm doing GCSE tech and am designing a product to help prevent mountain sickness but I am struggling to find a primary user who can review my prototypes and designs.

I was thinking it could be a device that measures altitude, temperature and blood oxygen and gives notifications/advice on how to acclimatize. 

If someone doesn't mind being my primary user that would be amazing.

If you're interested please respond below.



Ben169961 - on 10 Jul 2018

Also, if that isn't for you, I have a short survey about AMS:


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67hours - on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to Ben169961:

Ben, I've sent you a message through the forum about this!


splat2million on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to Ben169961:

You'll find that temperature and blood oxygen (I assume you are thinking about measuring oxygen saturation) do not correlate with altitude sickness and cannot be used to predict AMS or alter ascent planning. It's perfectly possible for two people at the same altitude one to have saturations of 60% and be fine, and the other to be 80% and be seriously unwell.

You might find a symptom tracker (e.g. a simple Lake Louise score questionnaire) with ascent planning and WMS guidelines programmed in might be a better way to go than using physiological data. I suspect these already exist as mobile apps, maybe have a look at what else is already out there.

Happy to give further feedback if you like.

Have completed your questionnaire.

Good luck with the project!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.