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munro 06 Jul 2019

Just starting to do some research into good objectives in the Himalayas (been vaguely looking at parts of Nepal and northern India) for a trip in Autumn 2020 or Spring 2021 and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or pointers I could explore further?

For context, we're a team of 3 (possibly 4) with lots of experience in the Alps up to AD+ or so, plenty of Scottish winter and a couple of us have been to the Tien Shan a few years ago to do some fairly easy unclimbed peaks at about 5,000m. Looking for a valley to be based in with good potential objectives or any specific peaks that probably aren't much higher than 6,500 (given lack of experience at high altitude) but have a bit of interest and aren't total snow slogs or mega trade routes.

Any thoughts or suggestions hugely appreciated, thanks!

Damo 08 Jul 2019
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Obviously there are near-countless options, but as quick suggestions:

Nepal - a through-trek/climb of Pisang Peak, Pokharkan and Saribung, starting from the Manang Valley on the Annapurna trek and finishing in Mustang. Also possible in reverse.

India - Google and search the AAJ for (recent decade trips to) Tara Pahar, Koa Rong, Karcha Parbat, Bara Shigri. These are glaciers only a few days trek from a roadhead with multiple 6000m peaks, with at least one peak in each group on the permitted list.


munro 08 Jul 2019
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.