/ Intermediate Alpine course recommendations?

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Simon Preuss - on 10 Jul 2018

Does anybody have any recommendations for an intermediate/improver alpine course of around a week?
reasonably priced would be a plus!

I have been on a few alpine mountaineering trips over a few years, climbing a mixture of F and PD with one AD in the mix.  All apart from one Facile (Aig. Du Tour normal) were in the company of more experienced mountaineers. 

Basically I would like to consolidate the experience I have, and improve my confidence and autonomy when I'm not with more experienced mountaineers (i.e. with similarly/slightly less experienced people)

Thanks in advance!

PS. I am 30, so the Conville one is out.

RuthW on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to Simon Preuss:

I did the Alpine techniques level 2 course with Jagged Globe (now seems to just be called Alpine techniques -  https://www.jagged-globe.co.uk/climb/course/i/alps+alpine+techniques.html)

It was pretty decent for my level - not sure how reasonably priced you would consider it!

I think I had done a similar level of Alpine climbs to what you described previously.


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JSTaylor - on 10 Jul 2018
Pyreneenemec - on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to Simon Preuss:

How's your french, Simon ?

Take a look at what U.C.P.A. have to offer :


Fantastic value, the perfect course for you will probably be there ! 




Jasonic on 11 Jul 2018

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