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Tom F Harding on 30 May 2014

Morning UKC

Its coming to that time of the year so its alpine boot time. I've had weeks of use out of the them in the UK but last time I was out in the Alps my Scarpa Phantom Lites absolutely destroyed my feet. They were heavy, got grit down them stripping my skin and also got pressure points around the toe box due to my feet swelling in hot conditions.

So I'm after a new pair of boots. These will be for easier snow/ice plods up 4000's, some longer rock routes and maybe a bit of UK winter walking. I've been looking at the La sportiva Trango cube gtx ( and wondered if anyone had any experience with them?

Also does anyone know what crampons they take, guessing semi rigid?


Tom F Harding on 03 Jun 2014
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Duncan Beard - on 06 Jun 2014
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Not seen them yet but they sound ideal for me & I might buy some when the shops start stocking. I believe they can take a C2 crampon. La Sportiva website has some tech info & I saw a review somewhere.

Scarpas are just the wrong shape for my feet, I'm trying to make some Cristallos work but I think I'm on a hiding to nothing as they are too baggy in the heel, too narrow for the small toes & press on the top of my foot.

I have some La Sportiva Trango Guides and they fit beautifully but not even B1 rated - super light summer rocky mountaineering only.

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