Les Deux Alpes - closed for flood damage - any information?

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 ablackett 09 Jul 2024

Off the back of a recommendation on here we had booked some nights at that campsite in Les Deux Alpes, I've had an email from them saying they are closed 

"We are currently doing everything we can to give you a pleasant welcome. However, by municipal decree, the establishment has been forced to CLOSE its doors until further notice from the prefecture."

Is the whole region damaged by the floods? is it local to that campsite?  Is there significant damage to the infrastructure around the whole area?  Sorry, if that all sounds very clueless, I saw the floods were reported a couple of weeks ago and then haven't seen anything further so assumed that things were operating as normal.

 Andypeak 09 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

I've just got back from La Grave and it was all open as normal. The campsite there is beautiful, well kept and very reasonably priced. It's probably 30 min from Les Deux Alpes. Unless something has happened in the last few days everything is open in La Grave and the routes we did were all accessible. 

OP ablackett 09 Jul 2024
In reply to Andypeak:

Thanks, AndyP the campsite a few hundred metres away doesn’t have anything on their website so perhaps it’s a localised issue for that site?

 FreeloaderJoe 10 Jul 2024
In reply to Andypeak:

Was this Camping de la Meije?

 Andypeak 10 Jul 2024
In reply to FreeloaderJoe:

Yes although there is another campsite at the other end of the village 

OP ablackett 10 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

Turns out Camping de la Cascade which is a few hundred metres away is also closed to tourists, this is what they said.

"We are in the same situation as Le Champ du Moulin.
We do not know when we will be authorized to reopen. Therefore, we are no longer taking reservations.
Indeed, access to the Vallée du Vénéon is forbidden to tourists (due to construction) and the campsites are closed. We therefore do not have the right to receive you.
I hope you will find another vacation spot and be able to meet you another time.
We are again sorry for this inconvenience, which is beyond our control."

I don't think there are other sites in Le Deux Alpes so I'll look around at other places in the area.  Thanks.

 Slarti B 11 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

That  camp site is in the very remote Venosc valley which was hit very badly by the floods; La Berarde effectively wiped out, St Christophe badly damaged and cut off for several days, road before St Christophe washed away.  So I guess local authorities are prioritising reconstruction. 

We were at La Berarde week before the floods and it is so sad to see what has happened. 

But the main La Grave valley and camping at Ailefroide were not hit anywhere as badly and, from news reports I have seen, are pretty much back to normal. 

OP ablackett 11 Jul 2024
In reply to Slarti B:

Thanks for the updated information, I hadn't realised that particular valley had been so badly hit.  

 rif 11 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

The aerial views of La Berarde less than three weeks ago are horrific:

 pec 11 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

I was in the area a couple of weeks ago just after La berade was destroyed. The road up the valley to it was closed which puts Venosc off limits as well. Presumably the closed campsites are up that valley.

There isn't actually a campsite in Les Deux Alpes itself though sites in neighbouring areas seem to use the name because it's well known.

There are numerous sites in Allemond which is just the other side of Bourg D'Oisans which weren't affected by the flooding and are about 30 mins drive from Deux Alpes.

OP ablackett 12 Jul 2024
In reply to rif:

That's very sad, the village looks totally devastated.  Thank you for the information, I hope that community can rebulid and survive.

 Tom Guitarist 12 Jul 2024
In reply to ablackett:

Such a shame. Champ du Moulin in Venosc was the first French campsite we ever stayed at, the owners are absolutely lovely.

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