Looking for route recommendations Austria etc.

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 VictorM 05 Apr 2021

So, let me first say that all of this is of course Covid dependent, it might not be able to go as planned at all. 

During the summers of 2018 and 2019 I took a number of alpine courses. Last summer I wanted  to independently do some easy ridges/glacier traverses with a partner but this of course fell through for the largest part due to Covid and weather circumstances during our time off. 

For this year I have a number of weeks blocked late June/early July, together with my (less experienced) brother. My wish is to slowly ease him into alpine climbing/mountaineering as well.

My plan is to do a hut to hut trek (if the huts are open) and do some easy ascents during that trek, I'm looking at grade 2+/3 max, stuff I would be comfortable soloing and leading for a less experienced partner. I want to avoid glaciers as much as possible of course, as I'll likely be the only one with some training in crevasse rescue. On a very clear day and on a well-trodden glacier I might contemplate doing it. 

So far I have been thinking about the Ötztal Alps, largely because I am already quite familiar with that area and I know that there are some non-glaciated routes I still want to do there (such as the Ramolkogel). But then again, I'm already quite familiar with the area... 

The Stubaier Hohenweg also seems like a good option but all the main summits would need glacier crossing. But maybe the non-glaciated side has some good easy routes too? Maybe the Glockner Tour offers some good scrambling? Not sure, not that familiar with the Glockner massif. 

Any tips and inspiration would be much appreciated!

 spenser 05 Apr 2021
In reply to VictorM:

I did the North Ridge of Zwolferkogel 2 years ago and thought that brilliant, probably a bit more difficult than your planned grades (from what I remember), however there were other none glaciated routes available in that northern bit of the Stubai too! 

 VictorM 05 Apr 2021
In reply to spenser:

Oh that looks pretty, and very close to some public transport options! Thanks! 

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