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Jlkoller14 - on 08 Jul 2018

hello im looking for a partner to climb mount blanc, i don't have a set date on when i would go but either september this year or summer next year.

McHeath - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to Jlkoller14:

Not wanting to be a spoilsport, but there are some things you should consider:

1. At 16, you'll need your parents' written consent before you team up with a stranger who contacted you through the Internet to go off and participate in potentially life-threatening activities. 

2. In another thread, you write that you have no climbing experience. To climb in the Chamonix area you need to know about things like belaying techniques in rock, snow and ice; crevasse (self-)rescue; basic avalanche theory ... as well as being able to climb fast and safe at your chosen grade. I'd recommend joining a climbing club and learning the basics first. It's a fantastic sport, but only if you're up to what you're attempting; otherwise it can quickly go very, very wrong!

There's a BMC download concerning the legal side of things for climbers who are not yet 18 (and for their parents):


All the best,


Jlkoller14 - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to McHeath:

thanks for the info. when i said i did not have much experience and am fairly new i meant in the big mountains.

of course i know how to belay i am in the youth rescue serves in iceland(true) but we mostly work on glacier and small mountains, and have some experience in waterfall ice climbing.

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McHeath - on 12 Jul 2018
In reply to Jlkoller14:

Aha ok, sounds good! Hope it all turns out successfully for you.


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