/ Mt Blanc Sept 2013. Which Boots ?

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paul walters - on 11 Oct 2012
Not sure if this should be in the Gear Forum, but here goes....
I've got the chance to climb Mt Blanc next September and will need to get suitable boots for the walk in/snow/glacier traverses before the summit. Can anyone recommend a boot/crampon combo ? I know they're all about fit etc, but there's so much choice out there I'm flummuxed. All advice is they need to be well broken in, so I'm thinking I could get them now and use them over the winter whilst I'm training.
Any advice ?
scottie390 - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to paul walters: Hi Paul, summited Mont Blanc many times as well as more technical alpine climbing in the region. I've used La Sportiva Nepal Extreme's (not the cheapest but great boots) and for non technical stuff like MB i've used Black Diamond Serac crampons with them although G12's would be equally as good.
billyf1 - on 11 Oct 2012
In reply to paul walters: I would recommend the g12 crampons, used them myself for the same trip + a winter skills trip in glencoe in January.
And depending on fit of you foot I would say either scrapa manta, a solo alpinist, or other boots in the b2 rated catagory. But if your looking at doing some ice or mixed climbing in the future go for a b3 rated boot now, more to pay now but one pair will do well. In which case the sportiva boots mentioned above are excellent, I also highly recommend the scrapa phantom guides. These also have the advantage of built in gaters.

Best thing to do, go to some main shops like Cotswold outdoor, Ellis Brigham, snow and rock. Get a boot fitting. A good shop will measure ur feet and recommend a boot or ur foot profile and what ur doing/ plan on doing in the future. Also make sure you invest in some good quality socks, smart wool or bridge sale are my favourite
paul walters - on 13 Oct 2012
In reply to paul walters: Thanks for the advice guys. I went into Up and Under in Cardiff yesterday and spent 2 hours talking and trying on boots. Sort of gone for Trango B3's, and I'll be taking my own crampons in to see if they are anyuse (bought off ebay a few years back but not had chance to use them since). Good advice on getting B3 now, guy in shop said same. Ditto wool socks.

Thanks again for the help guys.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.