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alex.murray - on 10 Jan 2018
So in a week or so I am going to find myself in Nepal by myself for a couple of weeks with all my climbing gear. Would love to find a way to get out, even if it's just for some trekking, does anyone here have any suggestions? Might be a long shot but are there any local (non-commercial) climbing clubs worth getting in touch with?

I will have transport so that, at least, is not a constraint.

wadewilson - on 10 Jan 2018
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good luck, have a good trip
Damo on 11 Jan 2018
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With that time frame you won't be able to acclimatise much, but you could do a short trek and maybe climb a 5000+m hill.

Langtang valley is probably the best bet, as you can be up high in the valley a few days out of KTM and maybe trek up Tsergo Ri and nearby hills, snow permitting. There are also waterfalls that freeze on the southern side of the valley (facing north) and some have been climbed. You'd need to check it had been cold enough before lugging technical gear up there though. Since the 2015 earthquake devastated the villages, they have been rebuilt, and also the track has been re-done. For a year or so there was a new track on the other side of the valley, with fewer lodges, but I believe now (when I checked in KTM in Nov) that the old route is mostly restored.

You can also get high into the Manang valley (north side of Annapurna massif) now in two days from Pokhara, via bus and jeep, so that is also an option. If there wasn't much snow you could even do the Circuit, over the Thorung La to Jomsom and fly or bus back to Pokhara. There's probably less of a chance to top out on a small hill in Manang, but there are more lodges and bigger scenery.

LastBoyScout on 11 Jan 2018
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I did the Annapurna Circuit in November - if you're feeling fit, travel light and don't have any problems with the altitude, you can bang it out in under 2 weeks, depending on how much you walk/get a jeep. We did Besisahar to Beni in 8 days on mountain bikes with 1 guy running it.

You'll need to get permits to go into the Annapurna Conservation Area - cheaper in Besisahar than the first checkpoint.

Takes about a day to bus from KTM to Besisahar, 1/2 day from Beni to Pokhara and another day back to KTM, or you could fly from Jomsom as Damo said.

alex.murray - on 14 Jan 2018
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Thanks both. I did the Annapurna Circuit a few years ago and was planning on doing it again later in the season (I'm there for a while).

I might take a look at the Lantang Valley.


ALF_BELF on 18 Jan 2018
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Going in April without heaps of time - we've decided on the Khorpa Danda/Khopra Ridge trek. Think it's about 6/7 days in total, might be worth a look if you're short on time. 

alex.murray - on 26 Jan 2018
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Nice one - thanks. Will take a look

Dave - on 26 Jan 2018
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A few years ago I did a 2 week trip to Nepal with my daughter over Christmas. Flew to Lukla, walked slowly over several days up to Namche and Gokyo and back quickly via the Renjo la to Lukla. Took about 10 days. Not sure its worth lugging climbing gear - there were some small icefalls that people climbed on the way up to Gokyo - but a couple of days around Gokyo and exploring on your own is fun.


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