online mapping for Switzerland and Italy.

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Hi All 

Looking for some advice for mapping for Switzerland and Italy.

ideally something online so I can do some planning before hand and then maybe have a back up on my phone.

Cheers Rob

 rlrs 04 Sep 2021
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Swisstopo app and related internet site Bit of northern Italy thrown in. Cue discussion about variation of contour line spacing (20m in alpine terrain, 10m in flatlands?)

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Thats prefect, Thanks

 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 04 Sep 2021
 TLitchfield Global Crag Moderator 05 Sep 2021
In reply to ecrinscollective:

Switzerland Mobility app is great on the phone

 Mr Lopez 07 Sep 2021
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There aren't proper free topographic maps for italy like the Swiss or French , but fatmap and mapy work well enough.

Something I found with mapy, the aerial view overlay and the gps location fix is usually off by a few hundred metres, so don't relay on them too much

 ChrisJD 07 Sep 2021
In reply to ecrinscollective:

OS&M with contours downloaded onto your phone.

 Fredt 07 Sep 2021
In reply to ecrinscollective:

For Italy I downloaded Outdooractive and got the one month Pro+ free trial, which gives excellent and downloadable topo maps for Italy. (Used it extensively this week, not least finding the Mantova refuge in thick mist)

 Mi|es 08 Sep 2021
In reply to ecrinscollective:

I used tabaccomapp app for Italy. Not free but fairly cheap and worked very well for me. 

 shaigh 16:46 Fri
In reply to ecrinscollective: is great, but you need to pay to get the Swiss Topo and official Italian maps. I think it's worth it though. The OSM maps are good but you can't beat Swiss Topo. Sadly you have to pay even more to get the Alpine Club maps, but for CH and Italy that's not an issue - for Austria and Germany you'd want those though. The official Italian maps aren't great, I prefer the OSM maps in that case, and I don't think outdooractive has the Tabacco maps which are the best Italian maps (for the Dolomites only though).

The Swiss Alpine Club site is superb, you can view Swiss Topo maps (with official route overlays) without paying but they don't have an app as far as I know, so not so useful on the phone. . If you subscribe (£3 per month) you can see route details, but the mapping is free. Would be an excellent tool for planning.

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Hi All,

thanks for the info, I ended up using the Switzerland Mobility app. worked very well, was on the Piz Badile and it cover all I needed both Swiss and Italian side.

Thanks again

 shaigh 14:05 Sun
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Cool. Did you do the Nordkante? How was the approach, I gather the normal walk in is closed?

 cdpej 14:17 Sun
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swiss topo has been free for a while.  you used to have to pay.  I agree the sac route portal is amazing (but not free, understandably)

 jon 15:50 Sun
In reply to rlrs:

> Cue discussion about variation of contour line spacing (20m in alpine terrain, 10m in flatlands?)

Hmmm, caught me out when doing some ski touring around the Moleson...

In reply to shaigh:

We did the Cassin route.

The old road/path to the Swiss refuge is kind of closed, there was a landslide that damaged it. They advise you not to use it and they have added a new path but it is longer.

We did end up taking the old path, as we were told by a friend who was there a week or so before, that there was a small log bridge in place to get across the river. In spring with higher water or the bridge not being there it could be a problem going that way.

In reply to ecrinscollective:

Komoot. I've started using it on my phone whilst in the German alps recently and it works really well. Just had a look with my PC and it offers the same functionality.  I'd probably combine it with looking at the links shared by others as the Komoot map seems to be based upon openstreetmap. It's great for planning once you've identified your level of fitness as it calculates all your times for you.  It's not perfect, but it is very useful.

 Doug 14:11 Mon
In reply to Toerag:

Out of interest I've just looked at Komoot for the area around our village (French Alps). Very similar, if not identical, to OpenStreetMap and, compared to IGN, many paths missing

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