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Csimp1 - on 29 Nov 2017
Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for starting out alpine summer climbing - cheapish courses, mentors, partners etc. I am looking to try and start this summer. I have some experience summer trad climbing, limited experience Scottish winter climbing and have a lot of summer walking/scrambling. Anyone got any ideas.
edhawk21 - on 29 Nov 2017
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How old are you? if you are under 30 I recommend trying to get a place on a conville course! I did one a few years ago and its a great way to learn the basics of things like alpine rope work and crevasse rescue
Mark Haward - on 01 Dec 2017
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I would second Conville course. Also check local climbing clubs. More expensive option would be to join one of the excellent courses run by companies such as Jagged Globe and Icicle or hire a guide.
Cheapest but potentially most risky would be to self teach perhaps with some mates. Excellent books available such as Bruce Goodlad's, BMCwebsite and video are good, lots of instructional videos on line but not all appropriate in my opinion. You can practice many of the techniques required in the UK. The good folk of UKC would, I'm sure, be delighted to suggest an alpine itinerary depending on where you are thinking of going.
My first suggestion would have to be the Goodlad book.
Phil Murray - on 01 Dec 2017
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ALso try the BMC DVD on Alpine - we used that when we started out, it's packed full of great info, & I've rewatched it numerous times .

Your background sounds ideal - summer alpine is a great mix of walking, scrambling, rock / trad / rope skills, and navigation . it's also physically the hardest "sport" I've ever attempted..... so be warned! and start with Facile routes.

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